chickpeas and cauliflowers in a hot gravy..

We North Indians love our chhole in any form and considering their health benefits it should be used on a regular basis . Being vegetarians mostly ( we eat our meats but it is very occasional ,  not for health reasons though , we really like our veggies and lentils ) i cook black chickpeas or these white chickpeas many a times and being an absolute chatori ( closest English word for chatori i think is ...finger licking foodie ) i need my daals and chhole n rajma different every time......want to add a vegetable almost every time as i am saved from making another vegetable side dish ....:)

What exact word do you think will fit in for chatori??

This chhole with gobi is one such dish which will please your senses with the looks ( don't go by my awful photography ) , the aroma and the taste and this is not a punjabi chhole for your information .......... a southern makeover actually........chickpeas


chickpeas soaked overnight 2 cups
cauliflower florets 2 cups
ginger julienne 2 tbsp
coriander greens chopped 4-5 tbs
oil 1 tsp
tamarind extract 2 tbsp or to taste 

to be ground into a powder..
sesame seeds 1 tbsp
peanuts 1 tbsp
red chillies whole 4-5
coriander seeds 1 tbsp
cumin seeds 1 tsp
cinnamon stick 1 inch piece
grated fresh coconut 2 tbsp
( i used 3 tbsp of coconut fiber , byproduct of making coconut oil)

roast everything separately and grind together to make a powder , or paste if you find it difficult..


Boil the chickpeas in a pressure cooker till really soft....they should get cracked after boiling ...

Heat oil in a pan and throw in the cauliflower florets and half of the ginger julienne  ... stir fry on low heat as the oil is less.....add salt and cook covered till done but crunchy .

Add the powder and stir to mix need to fry further as the powder is previously roasted , mix the boiled chickpeas , rest of the ginger julienne, chopped coriander leaves and the tamarind extract ...adjust water if you want a gravy and let it come to's ready just after a minute of boiling ...cover for a while before serving to get the flavors develop........

Serve hot with roti or paratha or rice...........multigrain roti for us...

Take a look at the garlic plants growing happily.........


  1. Absolutely delicious. Surely your garlic is growing nice.

  2. oh wow this is awesome I need to make this one, love the garlic plant thats also a cool idea

  3. Totally agree on Chhole! such a versatile, delicious and healthy dish. Garlic pods are doing great!

  4. How nice that you have that plant growing indoors.. lovely. I never tried cauliflower and chickpeas always do that combo with green peas.. will have to try your version some time.

  5. Spicier the better for me,the chole-gobi sound great together :D

  6. And nice pot of garlic plants,do these need sunlight,can it be grown indoors? :D

  7. Very healthy and filling combination Sangeeta...looks tasty...where do you get the coconut fiber, in any regular grocery?

  8. Dear Sangeeta
    Hummm. I like this healthy food..and the spicing is quite innovative looks like a fusion of North south and west. I am going to try this provided i dont over boil the chick peas and discard as usual..( That will be blessing in disguise as I will enter the kitchen disaster contest at Malar's)
    Thanks for sharing and h
    ave a nice day

  9. hey nice and spciy recipe. never tried sesame and peanuts!! yummy..

  10. thats a real north meeting south kinda dish. love this combo.

  11. hey sangeeta!! nice garlic plant - this weather's great for roots and shoots! gobhi with cholle i something new, never tried it before. but yup i loved your blog, lots of yummy north indian food here. having grown up in north india - north indian khana was a part of our kitchen. but still havent perfected punjabi homestyle rajma and cholle. i have got a pretty decent recipe now, but no not perfect!

  12. Lovely garlic plant....

    Wow...Chole and gobi combo...very new to me...U always come out with some healthy ones...great going :).

  13. ça a l'air délicieux
    bonnes fêtes de fin d'année

  14. Thankyou everybody for the appreciation , my garlic plants are so happy with all this adulation !!

    @Aux delices des gourmets ..many thanks for the complioment ...welcome on my space and merry Christmas to you all too !!

  15. chole and gobi combo..something new to me..and very interesting..thanks for visiting my blog and hope you drop by often and you have one lovely blog

  16. Hey nice curry...loved the combination of spices and ingredients used.Never tried cauliflower with chickpeas, vl try it sun.

  17. LOLzzz..@ Chatori...Let me assure you...u r not the only one around who is a chatori...he he he
    find one word English translation for Chatori ...its not going to be easy

  18. I too mix white chana with almost anything....infact today for lunch it's white chana mixed with multiple veggies....and as for chatori goes i'm way far than finger lickin....i'm mom of two & still don't miss any chance of licking my spatula(karchi)....though have to do this on my hubby's back....ha...he doesn't understand all the good masala is there....

  19. This sounds fantastic! I've had similar dishes when eating out and now I'm so glad I can make it on my own! :)

  20. Hello there
    can you plant garlic inside the house? will it survive??? if yes, I need to start tomorrow morning.God we love garlic


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