three gobis wonder....a low fat curry made in one simple step

Somebody requested a recipe of knol khol ( ganth gobhi ) which is a very nutritive vegetable , full of antioxidants ...but it's smell and taste is not very good on it's own , you have to treat this veggie in a special way to make a great tasting curry , i use it mostly for my multigrain soups   but using this veggie for an everyday curry , when it is hidden behind some very obvious winter veggies ( for a suspicious husband ) is fun , especially if it is a one step curry ( crock pot style ) dunk everything in the pressure cooker n get a fresh looking and yummy subzi to eat with you roti or chawal...for me it's multigrain rotis most of the time....

This is a recipe using three types of gobi ...the cauliflower , cabbage and the ganth gobi as the knol khol is called in hindi ... i love adding green peas to this curry but this season the peas have become pricy and i am using them scarcely.....go ahead and add the peas or boiled kabuli chana or chick peas and you will be amazed to see this simple recipe being polished off silently........


the veggies...
knol khol 1 bulb with all it's leaves chopped up
cauliflower 10-12 florets
cabbage chopped roughly 1/4th of a whole cabbage
tomatoes chopped  2 large
green chillies chopped 1 tbsp
ginger chopped 1 tbsp
1 cubed potato and a handful of green coriander leaves which i decided to add in the last moment 

the marinade...
 fresh curds 1 cup
cumin  2 tsp
black peppercorns 2 tsp
cloves 3
black cardamom 1
cinnamon 1 inch piece
turmeric powder 1 tsp
ghee 2 tsp

pound all the spices in a mortar n pestle and keep aside...


First of all smear ghee on the inside of cooker pan , now throw in all the chopped veggies inside the cooker pan , the curds, the pounded spice powder and turmeric powder ...give it a good mix add salt to taste and place the cooker on very low heat , cover it with the lid and cook till the first whistle will take longer time as you are cooking on very low flame.....

The subzi is ready by the first whistle  , take it off heat and let it cool n release pressure by the cooker to get a fresh n nice aroma and be happy that you are going to have a healthy meal......

The curry is cooked with curds and the veggies release some juices too so you get a fair amount of gravy into it ...not seen in the picture because it is placed into a deep bowl , if you want a dryish curry you can cook it uncovered for a while till you get a desired consistency of gravy ...i did not do that and enjoyed the curry with multigrain chapatis..

Ooooh...can you see any ganth gobi in it ?? 

P.S.  As few of my friends could not recall this veggie , i am posting a picture of this veggie called Knol khol , Kohl rabi , Ganth gobi , Naval kol and Monj etc. eyc. in different languages.... i clicked this picture while buying the veggie as it was looking very has to be used with all it's leaves and i did not peel the tuber ...just removed the lower part close to roots...


  1. hey sangeeta nice sabzi...gud idea od using ganth gobi, evn i dont like its flavour.Vl use ur idea now to eat it

  2. This is such an interesting and simple curry,loved it !

  3. Tasty medley of veggies.Is knol knol,kohl rabi in English?

  4. I just realized that i have never eaten ganth gobi,as far as i know....If mom cooked for us as a hidden one than can't say anything....your dish looks good.

  5. thanks everybody..
    Yasmeen ...yes it is kohl rabi ..
    as much as i know kohl rabi is a german name of the veggie , knol khol in enlish , monj in kashmiri as this veggie is used extensively in kashmir..

  6. i made this but it didnt turn out well..:( primarily because i have a small cooker and all this veggies didnt fit in it so i cooked in a covered pan....also i used readymade subzi masala and not ur exact masala..anyways i enjoyed experimenting with a new sabji (kohl rabi) which also i bought for the first time this weekend....

  7. Crazy..
    The thing with simple recipes is that are to be followed to the T ..... spice mix will make a lot of difference in this case as it can be bland or over spiced otherwise.
    I never use ready made subzi masala , just try n make the sabzi masala i have posted on "Banaras ka khana" and you will never use any ready made masala for sure.


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