mushrooms with spring onions ....a flavorful stir fry..

The most favorite dry fry of mushrooms is a butter fried mushrooms with salt n lots of pepper......fried in lots of butter not to mention...:)

But that is thing of past for me because i have found healthier ways of cooking my veggies.....we eat mushrooms very frequently and have taken pictures of many of the recipes but mushrooms cooked in a pasta sauce and a mushroom soup are the only recipes of mushrooms i have posted here...lazy me.....will surely post more mushroom recipes as i have promised a couple of foodies to post more light subzi recipes.....and mushrooms themselves are so light as a veggie........

This recipe is a dry fry made in mustard oil following a bengali style of cooking i saw here and got drooling......i tweaked a bit as green is the essential color my food should have and it was a super yummy uses a much ignored spice in my kitchen and that is onion seeds.....which is not actually onion seeds and is called nigella ....... i'll have to stock up on this nigella seeds in my kitchen now as this recipe was liked by Arvind too even after being so hot.....

Also i always believe that the most tasteful recipes are the ones which use minimal seasonings and spices and are simple to cook....this dish confirms my belief uses only nigella , green chillies and turmeric powder for seasoning........


mushrooms 150 gm chopped in quarters
spring onions ( green part only) 1cup tightly packed
nigella seeds 3/4 tsp
green chillies finely chopped 4-5 nos. ( according to tolerance level )
turmeric powder 1 tsp
salt to tatse
mustard oil 1 tsp ( should not be replaced as any other oil will give a different taste )


heat oil in a kadai and pop in the nigella seeds and wait till they get aromatic , now throw in the chopped green chillies and let them get whitish.......add the turmeric powder and immediately dunk in the chopped mushrooms and salt to taste .......stir fry on medium high heat ( if using more oil you can stir fry at high heat too) till mushrooms reduce in size and get some pinkish patches .

throw in the chopped spring onions and keep stirring till they become soft and cling to the mushrooms and the flavors get soaked in....remove from heat and serve takes less than 5 minutes to cook for this quantity...

The aroma of turmeric and nigella combines unbelievably and the green chillies make it was very hot with 4 hot green chillies but with whole wheat rotis it was a delight to have........young paratha eating people can enjoy it with parathas too.....

This can be enjoyed as a grilled sandwich filling or a standalone salad if the heat is kept low with just one green chilly.....will be great for a light lunch ........


  1. Mushrooms with nigella and turmeric seem to be all over blogland now. Hmm ... must try, must try. :-)

  2. Dear Sangeeta
    I must try this, the flavour of sring onion is mild and may not mask the Mushroom. The one I make is with small pieces, and the mushroom is bit more fried.
    I have some mushroom and will get the spring onion.
    Have a nice time

  3. Sounds deli and flavorful indeed!


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