low fat gobhi methi malai (?) curry | a cauliflowers and potato curry with cashew nut paste...

Whenever I make a gravy curry of gobhi aaloo its always with boiled potatoes, somehow I do not like the raw potatoes cooked with cauliflowers in a gravy dish or tari as it is called in Hindi, and the tari or gravy should just be coating the veggie pieces and not be very thin. But this kind of gravy becomes a bit fatty as a thick creamy and saucy gravy needs fatty ingredients and the subzi becomes heavy.

low fat gobhi methi malai

Needless to say this is another recipe of a light subzi which may be  for a party purpose (though the photos do not look party worthy but be assured it will be vanished in no time no matter how much you cook ) or whenever you want a creamy kind of curry...

Before proceeding for the recipe I have something to say, of course you can ignore this and go straight to the recipe as this is for a few people who have been asking me for low fat recipes for day to day cooking. Most of these friends are young professionals who want simple and quick recipes low on fat as they do not have much time to toil in the kitchen and yet they want tasty home cooked food. I actually appreciate all such busy professionals (who are great foodies for sure but beginners as far as cooking is concerned) who prefer home cooked food over takeaways and home deliveries. I also find myself in that category of busy people, though I have the luxury of flexi-hours. My recipes are always simple and quick and as I am myself on a weight management diet, they are all low fat and and high fiber at this point, though I insist that fats of the good types are essential for the body.

So when busy people want good food they need not go out, and when they want to pack nutrition and taste both at the same time in a low fat dish which doesn't give them guilt pangs, they should try and be innovative, just keep in mind the food flavors you enjoy most, it is the spices and condiments, not the layer of fats in a curry you crave for. So go with the spices and drop the fats used for frying.

You would love it for the happiness it gives you to be able to feed your family a guilt free and yummy meal.

This aloo gobi is one such guilt free creamy subzi where no cream is used and still it looks and tastes creamy.....

cauliflower cut into florets 2 cups (400 gm)
boiled , peeled and cubed potatoes 2 medium sized
(if you are making a large quantity cut the pieces in big chunks)
coriander powder 2 tsp, cumin and black pepper powders 1 tsp each (I use my everyday curry masala)
strong garam masala powder 1 tsp (I use my special garam masala )
turmeric powder 1 tsp
ginger 1 inch piece, garlic 5 cloves and green chilies 5-6, made into a paste
dried fenugreek leaves or kasuri methi 1 heaped tbsp (I used home dried leaves)
fresh curds 2 tbsp
cashews 12-15 nos. (I used tukda kaju 2 tbsp)
salt to taste
ghee 2 tsp
whole cumin seeds 1 tsp
bay leaf 1 (I did not use this as my everyday curry masala powder has it)


Heat ghee in a thick base kadai and throw in the cumin seeds and wait till they splutter.

Add the ginger garlic green chilly paste and bay leaf ( if using) and stir for 30 seconds, add the veggies and on low heat keep them stirring and frying till they become pinkish brown, adding salt will quicken the process..

Add all the powder masalas and keep stirring on low heat. I prefer to add some extra black pepper powder as I like it a bit hot. You follow your choice...

Meanwhile powder the cashew in small jar of mixie and then add curds to it and whiz one more time to make a paste of curds and cashews..

When the masalas get aromatic and kind of stick to the base of kadai, add the crushed methi leaves and stir for a minute to get them aromatic..

A little dash of water may be needed in between stir frying the veggies as less ghee is being used, covering intermittently will help..

When the methi gets aromatic add the cashew curds paste and a little water to make a curry of coating consistency, stir quickly to mix for a minute, cover and put off heat.

Let it rest for 2-3 minutes before serving as the flavors blend well during this time. This curry keeps well in the fridge (in freezer if made without potatoes) and the flavor improves ...

low fat gobhi methi malai

Enjoy with rotis or naan or parathas. You will not have any leftovers I am sure. I never have and this time actually it vanished in a blink and the poor guys could not get a third helping.

 I chose to polish off the serving bowl with a piece of roti as I can't afford to waste any tasty bit of this. You value the food better when you cook it yourself.

So start cooking yourself, cook healthy, eat well.


  1. I have never tried gobhi with cashew paste :( Will make it in a day or two and let you know how it came out coz it definitely sounds interesting from my aloo gobhi :)

  2. oh wow i love this one and great post healthy food can be quick and tasty i need to get cashews

  3. This dish looks wonderful! Healthy and delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe with your foodie friends

  4. Arey ... I just made gobi methi for lunch .. I like it better than the usual aloo methi. Why did I not see this earlier? :-(
    Am making this with the next bunch of methi. :-)

  5. You sure know how to make people hungry!

  6. Dear Sangeeta
    Very nice. And a for a change I shall use kasauri methi because it has come from you. I always regard this methi flavor as a taste spoiler in strong garam masala environment.
    I had double methi yesterday.. yummy Methi parathas ( Khasta) and Methi Alu cooked with ...hmmm secrete , not exactly will tell soon..
    happy cooking

  7. i have grown some methi in my veggie patch and made this last week. but your recipe is better will try it soon.

  8. I've heard of aloo methi malai, but this is something different... nice!

  9. Sounds very rich and nice, indeed I love this kind of color to my end product:) Looks delish.


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