Sunday, November 8, 2009

dates laddoo with flaxseeds and sesame

Dates are considered energy giving and healing food , it heals the disturbances of intestines and is a mild but effective laxative .They are also considered a tonic food especially for heart weakness and as a convalescence food , boiling the dates with milk or even water makes it a easily digestible tonic food.

Dates have 32 mg of Calcium, 35 mg of Magnesium, 40 mg Phosphorus and 652 mg potassium per 100 gm weight in Vit A , Bcomplex and folic acid.....and 20 different types of amino acids and selenium to keep the immune system healthy....truly qualified to be called a super food.

They are good for weight loss diets also as they satisfy your sweet tooth by their intense flavor and do not cause craving for more sweet food like other refined sugar products . A single date has 23 kcal energy and it becomes a good substitute for sweets and when combined with omega 3 rich flax seeds and sesame the dates become super nutritious and healthy food...

Fresh dates are sticky in texture and i sometimes use it as a natural sweetener and a binder for a sweetmeat preparation.......this laddoo is simple to make but it's yummy if you like dates......... flax seeds and sesame have a nice nutty flavor and add to the taste of dates in this preparation toasted almonda can be powdered coarsely and added to this mixture if you do not like flax seeds and sesame .......

To prepare the laddoos you just need a few minutes to chop the deseeded dates...

 roast 3 tbsp each of flax seeds and sesame in the microwave for 2 minutes on high, cool and grind to make a coarse powder in mixie....

now add a cup of chopped dates in the jar and run the mixie for a few more seconds to combine the dates and the seeds together.........

and now take out , and make small balls and roll to make keeps well on room temperature , but consume it within a few days as the oils in the flax seeds and sesame may become rancid after exposure to air...make fresh again whenever needed's just so quick n easy...



  1. Thats a healthy one. I am sure it tastes yummy.

  2. Healthy and yummy ladoo sangeeta!!Very innovative..Would love to have it rite now.:)

  3. Dear Sangeeta
    If i knew the dates are so useful, I would have eaten hell of a lot when I was in Kuwait. I love dates, specially the dry ones with a very small seed and very fleshy.
    The ripe dates are harvested in July August.It is light yellow green and very juicy.
    But I dont get the best variety dates in India (from Saudi, Iraq)
    happy cooking

  4. Thats a healthy ladoo..I must say..super yummy

  5. ladoos look yum,.,quite innovative,..

  6. Looks yummy.....I use flaxseeds also...but never heard of these ladoos.....

  7. Those are some healthy laddoos...