corn grits with veggies

Corn daliya or corn grits is not easily available now a days. I took the advantage of a neighboring floor mill and asked the owner to make this daliya for me, I remember my grandmother would arrange for this daliya from her village sources and she would get two versions of corn daliya. One version was a roasted corn daliya which was ready to eat, just soak in hot milk for a while and eat like a breakfast cereal, it used to be fun to see that as it would soak all the milk in the bowl and get dry so we would add more milk to eat that. It was fun to see the milk disappear when we were kids. The other version was unroasted corn daliya which is like corn grits in western countries. This one used to be fried into ghee first and boiled with milk to make a kheer like porridge. The corn daliya was yummy both ways. Daadi (my grandmother) used to call it makai ka darra.

So the chakki wala ( loor mill owner) obliged after several requests and I got the grits freshly milled. Wanted to make a savory version apart from those old favorites so I combined it with colorful veggies and made it into an upma like dish, and I loved the outcome. I have been making such recipes with wheat daliya forever, but with corn daliya the dish was so very colorful. The pictures are pathetic as sometimes I click as I am moving  in a hurry, cell phpne pictures at that....too bad...but it's so yummy and healthy that pictures are not needed to justify the goodness.....:)   Right!!

This recipe is good for weight loss as it is packed with fiber and nutrients and very low calorie, keeps you full and satiated for hours and I have seen it's effectiveness along with my multigrain soup for slow and steady weight loss....if only one could stick to such healthy breakfast for longer periods of time.....but I know I am doing the best possible in my situation ...:)


corn grits 1/3 cup soaked in 1 cup of thin buttermilk overnight and kept in the fridge
assorted veggies chopped finely 2 cups ( i used red cabbage and green beans)
garlic, ginger and green chillies finely chopped 1 tbsp each
salt to taste
black pepper powder 1 tsp or more.
lemon juice 1 tsp ( if the buttermilk is not enough for you)
chopped coriander leaves 1 tbsp
extra virgin olive oil or ghee 1 tsp


Take EVOO or ghee in a pan and throw in the chopped garlic first  without heating the oil, fry the garlic on medium heat and throw in the green chilly and ginger too...after a few seconds add all the chopped veggies and salt and pepper and keep stirring till the veggies are semi cooked ....there should be crunch in the veggies n they should not get soggy.......

Now throw in the soaked corn grits too, mix properly, cover and let it cook for minute.......sprinkle lemon juice and coriander leaves and it's ready to be enjoyed.......

I like fresh curds with it, or a tall glass of buttermilk.......and I can have it for any meal of the day.....

I have seen that either this kind of corn or wheat daliya with veggies or the multigrain soup , if taken at least once in a day while avoiding deep fried stuff (eating the usual daal chawal and stuffed parathas made in minimum oil or ghee is okay) and doing mild exercise ....helps in a steady weight loss....which does not come back on you......try this as many of my real life friends have benefited.......

other versions of such fiber rich recipes made with wheat daliya ...

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  1. oh very cool will tell me mum in law she can get grits in India it is big in the US love the addition of the veggies Rebecca

  2. Dear Sangeeta
    Hats off to your great efforts and innovative recipes.
    I can try with wheat dalia. I am not going to look for a chakkiwala ...or may be I will ask our shop

  3. Hi! Good morning. I am so glad ur chakki wala agree to grind Daliya for you. Here you can't find a chakki only.But I can surely try getting it done when I visit my mom next, ab chakki mein piswana has become exotic...grins.
    The combo looks very healthy dear especially I liked the add of purple cabbage, makes it even more nutritive. How's the kido? Hugs to her.

  4. Looks interesting with all the veggies in them.

  5. I do samething with wheat dalia...but never tried corn dalia....maybe i should give it a try

  6. Never heard of corn grits before... looks like a healthy recipe :-)


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