simple fruit salad without dressing

it has been an abrupt break for me from blogging but i have been cooking and reading all the wonderful blogs was just that i found it difficult to write here as the things were not very pleasant at my daughter not being well....everything going topsy turvy for a few weeks and then finding out that i have gained a couple of kilos again in this mayhem..... nothing happened inspiring enough to communicate through my blogs , but all this while i kept cooking and taking pictures....a lot of recipes are to be shared ..... i need to start first to write here...........

so here i am with a fruit salad which we had this morning after all the mithais of diwali.we had rasgullas and i made malpuas and yam kababs which was the diwali dinner......... just the kababs for dinner...we are very very unconventional when it comes to have appropriate dishes at appropriate time..:)

the fruit salad was the first course of breakfast though as later in the morning i made the yam kababs again with the reserved mixture and the lunch will be something like slads again ...let's see.....:)

there is nothing special in the salad just some chakotra ( grapefruit) which is growing in my garden , one diced apple and half a ripe papaya cut in chunks.............all chopped up and mixed with some lengthwise slivered almonds and roughly chopped dried apricots.....

no seasoning or dressing was added to this salad as we like the natural taste of the fruits take over whenever i am using very fresh ripe fruits with bursting flavors of their own.............the slivered almonds provide a slight crunch and nuttiness , whole nuts or too many nuts added to the salad would have taken over the flavor of fruits i think.........the dried apricots provide a sweet n sour chewiness in every morsel we was truly a fresh morning after an overly polluted night of diwali............people have gone mad with crackers , as if their eyes do not burn and their ears do not hurt.....their conscience is sleeping......

wake up........and have something fresh..........


  1. Hi,

    Welcome back!! Nice recipe as always!! I hope your daughter is doing fine!! GOD BLESS!!

  2. Nice to see you back. Don't worry God will give you all the strength and help you get over the tough times and make your Daughter feel better.

  3. Really don't need a dressing for such fresh and variety fruit salad.
    My thoughts and prayers are always with your little darling.Hope she get well soon.hugs :D

  4. nice healthy salad dear..please do participate in my first cooked food event..check my blog for details

  5. Hope your lil one get well soon that easy, simple and yummy fruit salad....

  6. What a catchy phrase you wrote in the end...loved it!!

    Hey haven't seen chakotra since I left Delhi...sobs! love salads and we make it a point to have almost everyday though I like it more as an evening snack :)

    This one looks delicious with the apricot and all

  7. thanks all of you for your blessings for Mithi..
    sakshi...thanks for noticing the are the one to point that out........i really meant it when i wrote...jaago re...:):)

  8. taking a cue from your recipe, I made one myself for breakfast today with papaya, banana & oranges. Added some honey to top it up, and it came out "mast".... :)


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