mooli paratha with makki ka atta / radish flatbreads made with cornmeal

Radish is one vegetable which very few people like. Although I like radish in many forms and Arvind likes it too, there are some guests who hate the smell of radish. I guess this is because the flavor of radish is so overpowering that many people stay away from it. This mooli ka paratha surprises everyone I must tell.

The nutritional value of radish is such that all health conscious people should think about the ways to include it in their diet. It is low on calories, just 16 kcal per 100 gm which makes it very good diet food. Even when a paratha is made with it the total calorie count remains within limits.

Apart from this, radish is a good diuretic, prebiotic food, the juice of radish is considered anti bacterial and antifungal and it is very good to treat the afflictions of liver and gall bladder, in cooked form radish is good for the throat and bronchial afflictions.

I like it as salads, pickled, in sambhar or the most favored way of a north Indian to have radish. Mooli ka paratha. We make stuffed paratha from grated radish most of the times, recipe will come later as I have not photographed it despite making it regularly in winters, considering it is such a mundane recipe :)

This recipe of mooli ka paratha with makki ka atta is essentially a winter recipe as this is the time when you get fresh radish and fresh corn meal or makki ka atta. And also because this is the time of the year to eat parathas, the recipe is easier than a regular paratha or a stuffed paratha as you do not need the rolling pin to shape it and there is no need of stuffing. You just have to grate the radish manually or use your trusted food processor.
If using a food processor the paratha becomes a quick breakfast, just throw in chopped cleaned radish, chopped ginger, green chillies and some fresh coriander leaves in the processor and whiz to grate or to make a crumb like mixture. I used my chopper attachment of a hand blender.
The blend of radish, ginger, coriander leaves, green chillies and omum seeds or ajwain is very very good and works well in salads too. For a paratha it makes a fresh and flavorful mix.

you need...........

2 cups of chopped radish about 250 gm, 2 tbsp of chopped ginger, 3-4 green chillies or as per your taste, a generous handful of green coriander leaves, a tsp of omum seeds.
and about 1.5 cup or a little bit more of cornmeal or makki ka atta and salt to taste.

to proceed ......

when you are done with processing the ingredients together, mix with the corn meal without adding any water. Radish is a watery vegetable and the mixture will make a pliable dough as it is. If you need some water just sprinkle spoon by spoon so that it does not get sticky as after adding the salt the mixture starts getting more wet, so be careful...
If you are making a large quantity it is advisable not to add salt at the time of mixing. Take out the portion needed for one paratha sprinkle salt over it, mix well and shape the paratha and cook it quickly over a hot griddle.

To shape the parathas take out a tennis ball sized portion, with wet hands make them flat like a burger patty. It has to be a little thicker than a stuffed paratha, more like a patty. Now put it on the greased hot tawa, use ghee or vegetable oil to roast them both sides well. The outer side will become crisp and inside will remain soft with crunchiness of radish.

Since I need to make 4 parathas at a time only, what I do is, use a dosa tawa for roasting the parathas, all four of the parathas can be cooked in a single batch this way It will be a good idea for making large quantities as well. 

You will be able to make more of them in a few batches, easy to cook and healthy paratha I say.

Serve with plain curds or raita....or any kind of green chutney.........


  1. I never ate this before..normally I use same ingredients, squeeze and stuffed into Atta dough, flatten..the conventional one. Now that the stuffed paratha season is coming, it will be great.. specially , I guess the cellulose content in Makki ki Atta is more and it is tasty too.

  2. Hi,

    My mom had make most of these for us... as we belong to punjab.. mummy kee yaad aa rahi hai...

  3. thanks Ushnish....have you ever been invited to a punjabi family for breakfast in winters....probably not....see what Swatantra has to say...:)
    try it you'd love it for the taste as well as the health factor.

    Hey i'd pack them n courier them to you...:)

  4. Dear sangeeta
    Well I have stayed in a family for 2 years where the house lady is a Punjabi. So I learnt most of the dishes there. May be I missed Muli and Makki atta combination. I make and have taken Makki atta mixed with onion, or mixed with fresh methi sag, and the famous sarso ka sag and makki roti. In fact I used to make lot of sarso sag and Makki roti in Korea,,where u get excellent sarso ka sag.I love muli in all forms, so I will certainly like it.

  5. Ushnish...ha ha...with methi n onions it is great....i also make it with gobhi , broccoli , cabbage etc. this one i posted because i had said about it on your post about that mulo bora...

    other's are in my drafts waiting for their good luck..:)

  6. i bought radish last week thinking of making this but ended up adding it to sambar instead :)

  7. I like Mooli parathas. But just too much effort! I might be motivated to make it now. And thanks for dropping by.

  8. Wow mooli paratha looks awesome...want to try some day..

  9. That is one yummy and easy recipe. This reminds me of Thalipeeth my mom makes, except it has other flours besides corn. I think it has jawar, bajra, wheat and soybean. But I like the idea of using only corn flour.
    We do not get the long, white radishes here. Instead, we get the round, red radishes which taste the same but are a pain to grate. However, I will give these a try and let you know how they turned out.
    Sorry I missed your other yummy posts this month.

  10. thanks for your beautiful post. Actually I`m very poor with cooking. Next month my best friend will come to my home and I wana to do something new for him. Winter season has been come, so I decide, with your recipe I`ll make Mulli stuff pratha......thanksssssssssssssssss,
    Saag te makhan nal vi prathe da taste double ho janda hai....

  11. welcome to this space Ravi....safed makkhan de naal ta maza kuch hor hi ho janda hai par ai parantha healthy vi bahut hai....saag de naal ta thik hai par makkhan zara control karke khana chahida ai...
    saron de saag di recipe vi post karangi in future..

  12. Nice new look of ur blog...great idea to make parathas this way..will surely try this one soon...lovely click too sangeetha

  13. Wow Sangeeta-this would be perfect on a nice cold winter day!!!

  14. Great parathas...yummy and healthy..You have a nice collection of healthy recipes :-)

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  16. Vegetable parathas are what I love the most. Lovely recipe Sangeeta! :-)


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