dosa with perfect pimples.....and all those freckles.... think dosas are all crisp and yummy crepe's made too be savored with the hottest chutny......aaah..the chutny has to be hot and the dosa??

Well , as you can make a hot chutny with a lot of red chillies mixed with any thing looking like a vegetable........a dosa can also be made with just anything looking like a grain.....ha ha.......

This one is a normal rice and urad daal dosa ( made with 4:1 ratio of rice to daal ) the taste is something even a 'ayyar cafe' and 'kerala cafe' fed north Indian person is grown up eating....yes i have grown up eating this white dosa as my mom made it almost every week and later on i used to go to the above said cafe's to have this favorite of mine......adais and multigrain dosas were introduced to me even later by a senior colleague who made the best of dosas, chutnys and sambars........some very good memories are refreshed thinking about all those days gone by............

Arvind was introduced to rawa dosa by me and he used to eat rawa dosa so much that i developed an aversion for i started making a pimpled dosa ( which looks like rawa dosa) with fried coconut bits in it, so that both of us can enjoy the dosa ...i knew he liked the fried coconut bits more than the rawa in that dosa....ha ha....

One ingredient of my choice was sneaked into the dosa to make the freckles , a lot of chopped curry a perfect combo of pimples n freckles to make a beautiful dosa.............

This dosa is made in very little oil and if served with this chutny made with microwaved tomatoes , garlic and red chillies with a handful of roasted peanut powder , it makes a perfect breakfast ( i can have it for any meal of the day)....i still have to learn to serve dosa with those kuruma curries...i have never tried them n i think i'd like them with this dosa the most...

To make the dosa you need to prepare the batter a days ready made batter is available at some places , some powder mixes are also available ....i soaked 4 cups of white rice and 1 cup of urad daal with a tsp of methi seeds for 4 hrs and ground them all together in mixie to make a fine batter.....kept it overnight to ferment and it was ready to be used in the morning..............

To proceed ....firstly chop a lot of curry patta and fresh much as you  heat the dosa pan with 1 tsp oil  ....throw a tbsp or more of the coconut bits and a handful of chopped currypatta leaves into the oil and fry them for  few pour 1/2 cup of batter on the medium hot tawa , now lift the tawa from the handle and tilt and rotate to coat the tawa with the not use a spatula to spread the batter....wait for a while till a lot of pimples appear on the surface.........lift the dosa crefully with a flat spatula and flip over.........cook for a minute and remove to a plate ........serve hot with the hot as you want........

one dosa is enough for a person and if you feel it's too much for you you can use a smaller tawa (so that the thickness of the dosa is retained ) and use a little quantity of batter to make the dosa......or you have the option to share the dosa with your i do....i lick all the chutny and he just picks up all the bits of coconut..............:)


  1. Aha your dosa brought back the memories of Connaught Place. I don't remember the exact name...but there is a south Indian restaurant just near Nalli's which used to serve excellent dosas with like 6 types of chutney...ohh yum!!

    You make all sorts of Dosas now?

  2. Dear Sangeeta
    This looks great..and the recipe too..will try...any specific reason for using 4:1 rice and Dal? I understand 3:1 is conventional. I use any thing between 1:1 to 3:1 depending upon how much less carbohydrate is to be consumed via rice..
    very nice photos

  3. I have tow dosa fans at my house, i am feeling like coming to ur house and having this dosa.. beautiful!!

  4. They look so perfect, this is one of my favorite comfort food and infact had this for today's breakfast.

  5. We are used to adding tadkas directly to dosa batter n then making dosa's..This on-pan technique sounds really good,but I guess will need some expertize to spread the batter evenly n all that..thats why directly add..:P..I like the curry leaves n fried coconut combo.:)

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog Sangeetha...
    First time here tooo....
    Nice those.... they are perfectly... loved ur blog post title..

  7. Dosa looks super delicious, my friend. And so does the pao bhajji...miss those yummy street foods here:)I never tried to make pao from scrtach at home...wish to try it real soon.


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