Friday, September 4, 2009

minty salad

i love anything made with mint but the leaves of mint get very small during rains.....or so happens in my garden and i have to rely on the dried mint powder i make when it is in abundance........i did the same with this recipe...

but wait ...i have to tell you about this fruit first....i saw this in old Delhi and bough it was a small musk melon like fruit which i knew was the phut as it is called in UP......i had tasted it once and was seeing this after , say, 20 years, it is actually a rural fruit n you do not expect it in cities.....someone was confused about what it is and did an extensive research and later came up with an exotic looking recipe...

in the western countries it is called lemon cucumber and probably you'd get it in the farmers market around your town....this is a ripened fruit though..

i made a simple salad which will be very good i knew as it is tried n tested with soft flesh fruits...see the mango salad ...

just peel and deseed the phut and make into small cubes..

in a separate bowl mix a few leaves of mint, a tsp of sugar ( or more if you like it sweeter) , and 1/4 tsp of kala namak.......crush everything together so that the mint leaves get macerated..
i did not get many mint leaves in the garden , so i used the powder too.......

throw in the phut melon pieces into the bowl with dressing , toss and wait for about 5 minutes to allow the flavors to soak in........

enjoy as a snack or with your can even be a dessert for me n i had it like this.

i have two more phut left n will come up with two more recipes i hope...:)


  1. Ahhh so this thing is called phut? I remember walking in Chandni Chowk and eating slices of this powdered with chaat masala...they called it kakri there...lolz.

    Hey how do you make mint powder? I love the taste of mint and in winters its difficult to get fresh mint here and I keep a bottle of mint handy...

  2. Sangeeta .. I don't like mint .. I don't like phut ... both have such a strong smell that make me run away ... what do I write now? ;-)

  3. lovely salad new to me, will look out for it

  4. This is new to me, never heard or had it before, will look for this next time i m out in the fruit market :)

  5. Lovely salad with phut melon and mint, great combo!

  6. thank you everybody...
    Sakshi...whenever the mint is in abundance, i collect the leaves, wash n drain them and keep them in the fridge ( in a wide plate) ....when it gets dry n shriveled, take out n keep in sun for a day......crush n powder n keep in airtight container.

  7. What a cool looking fruit! Definitely new to me.

  8. Simple, low cal, nutritious :)I am going to try this, maybe if I don't get phut than with melon (kharbooja)...

  9. Read your 'about me'....! I am a health food enthusiast too!

  10. ha ha..welcome to this space IHM..
    food for the thought is important but food for the real appetite is essential...:)

  11. hey there, can you try this link to see if you see the dish here?

    otherwise, you could try doing a search in the site with 'toor dal' and it should show up. i don't know which one you are referring to when you say khadi like.. :( sorry..

  12. wow!you are so lucky.I wish i could try this druit one day.Sounds yummy!lemon melon? i cant smeel the lemon and melon now :)