sweet corn n basil soup

this is one delicious soup which is so refreshing you will discard the bread pieces served with it........yes even i did that......the flax seed bread ( which is tasty otherwise of course) which i clicked with the soup and intended to eat with it, were kept aside for later use ......

just the hot soup which is sweet , with a fresh aroma of basil from my garden and an occasional kick from the green chillies......i am happy with this soup for one more reason though.

my husband, who otherwise doesn't like soup for dinner , is a complete sucker for this soup....it has corn in it and he likes corn in any form.......i am yet to post my various corn adventures here ....this soup i made almost a month back and i am thinking if i am a lazy bum to delay posting recipes here.........so many of them are waiting in my drafts as i make all meals at home and photograph at least two of them daily......clicking them has now become a routine as do not bother much about the right lighting and background etc. and i am enjoying doing so........but they do not translate to this blog somehow...........the reasons seem to be like lame excuses ( to myself ) but the current happenings in my life keep me so occupied that i am happy and contented with just feeding my family good food........all of that will surely come to this space and that is my promise to myself.......

writing like this seems like i do not care about my readers , of course i do......i am tremendously encouraged and motivated by all the people who come here and comment , but i'll be honest in admitting that whatever i post here is completely for my own pleasure......i find pleasure here even though there are lots of pains surrounding me.......so it's worth all the more.

hey...it seems posting about this soup is going to refresh me by unclogging my thoughts......I told you na!!......it's worth......

the soup is simple.......a cup of sweet corn kernels, 2 cloves of garlic and a small piece of ginger are processed in a blender, until coarsely ground,and then mixed with 2 cups of water in a pan and simmered on medium flame .......stirring constantly.....add salt n pepper to taste during cooking ( will take about 5 minutes to cook completely) and just when it is half done throw in some torn fresh basil leaves and chopped green chillies .........as much as you want.........i use the bigger green chillies which are less hot n provide a chilly flavor...............let the flavors seep in and pour in you soup bowls to enjoy.........finish with a tsp of fresh cream..stir and enjoy...........i actually kept those bread slices aside ...dint feel like having them...the soup is a standalone enjoyment.........absolutely.


  1. Wow liked adding basil to corn soup..new to me..

  2. Simple, yet delicious soup. And yeah...Happy to know about you :)

  3. Nice read dear n the soup l ooks rich n creamy..:)

  4. Looks so delicious and i love soup will try this version soon.. Congrats on ur award too...

  5. Soup looks great.. You can send this to Sireesha's SoupnJuice event dear check @http://momrecipies.blogspot.com/2009/08/announcing-event-soup-n-juice.html

  6. Glad to know more about you Sangeeta.

  7. I do not like soup so wont comment on it but yes my friend like it so will let him try it...

    Also nice to know about you through this post...

    happy blogging...

  8. Such a delicious and creamy soup looks fantastic...Glad to know more about u Sangeeta..

  9. sounds too good.. lovely presentation!!

  10. I tried it and it tastes great. I love your blog and look forward to more recipes. Am a working mother so these recipes help me a lot :)

  11. ohh..wow.Panorama...
    that's really quick.
    thanks for trying and telling me.
    keep in touch.

    thankyou Sanghi..i'll send it to the event.

  12. two od my fav ingredients! slurp!

  13. Wonder how you get the time to do all of this ....liked the simple soup and keep up the good work!

  14. This sounds so good..brilliant idea...

  15. A lovely healthy soup plenty of aromas yum yum!
    Congrats for the awards!! And thanks for stopping by at my blog.
    I answered to your comment on my blog because I haven't your email to do it directly.
    All the best!!

  16. i;ve jus planted some basil. lookin forward to making stuff with it :)

  17. The soup sounds so good! I love your combination of corn & basil, delicious!

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  19. You bet I won't need the bread :D.Girl,you amaze me each day with your talents,it was nice learning more about u.lots of love to mithi :D

  20. hey Yasmeen ...a compliment coming from you is really worth..
    Nags....planting basil is really worth as the freshness of you own plant is awesome...i have a basil pot on my windowsill n use that when i need it for dinner as to avoid going out in the garden at night.

  21. This looks very nice esp with the addition of basil in it..just love anything with sweetcorn :)


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