tofu with lemon n basil

after using my garden fresh lemons in the lemon chicken successfully, the next step was to use it with other ingredients......jackie suggested lemongrass by showing me this and i came up with tofu with my lemons...lemon grass is so costly n i regret i don't have it in my garden....have to get it now....i had made a large block of tofu at home to try a recipe by another blogger friend, which i made later( coming very soon) and could not wait to try the lemon n basil with was fresh , tangy and just perfect to enlighten you......i need that sometimes....most of the times...:) :)

the recipe is simple and as i always say ...quick.......for the first time i was using fried tofu n was very very on...

( for 2 servings)

basil about 20 leaves
black peppercorns about 20 nos.
fat garlic cloves 4 nos.
(make a coarse paste of these three ingredients n keep aside)
tofu cut in strips 1 cup ( about 200 gm)
zest of 2 lemons ( green colored lemons are good for this, other wise use lemongrass)
juice of one lemon
one inch piece of ginger cut in thin Julienne
longer variety of green chillies ( mild ones) 4-5 nos. chopped( or jalapeno)
salt to taste
oil 1 tbsp + 1 tsp ( i used sunflower oil)

the recipe is simple yet make it low fat i shallow fried the tofu strips in a non stick pan.....i rarely use my nonstick pan but i thought tofu will absorb a lot of oil when deep fried, had never fried tofu before ..........shallow frying worked very well and it was done in just 1 tbsp of oil tossing n turning the pieces once in a while to make it pinkish brown all over......

as soon as the tofu gets browned , remove from heat and sprinkle half of the lemon zest and half the ginger juliennes to it, toss and let the flavors infuse till you proceed with the sauce..........

meanwhile, make a coarse paste of basil leaves , black peppercorns and garlic cloves by blitzing them in the grinder for a minute........

heat the remaining 1 tsp of oil in a pan and throw in the chopped chillies and remaining ginger juliennes .......fry for a minute and then dunk in the coarsely ground basil mix......stir for a minute with salt and add water mixed with lemon juice ( a tsp of sugar can be added if you like it a bit sweet...but i like the hot n sour flavor better )...

let it boil and dunk in the tofu strips..........another boil and cover the pan , take off the heat and keep covered for 5 minutes to soak in the can add dissolved cornflour to make a glaze but i avoid cornflour...your choice.....the recipe was a bit juicy........n tangy......

the thing i learnt after frying tofu is that fried tofu absorbs the flavors well ...unlike paneer...

the amount of lemon zest and juice can be adjusted according to taste and variety of lemon.........

we enjoyed it with chapatis but it can be good with fried rice too...........or a sandwich filling if made dry....


  1. I am sure this would taste good with Paneer also. Love the smell of basil leaves.

  2. Wow thats really yummy combo with full of flavour... sure it tasted so good.

  3. Sangeeta, did I read that right....You made your own tofu? If so, I am totally impressed!

  4. Hi sangeetha.. thanks for your lovely comment in my blog.. the things which is surrounded by tomato rice is vadams that is rice crackers. Keep visiting...

  5. Wow tofu with basil and lemon sounds too good combination! very flavorful!

  6. thanks sadhna n muskaan....paneer will taste very different but flavorful.
    thanks pavithra for dropping by.
    thankyou very much read it right ...i make my soy milk , bean curd n tofu at's fresh, tasty n economical...i feel delighted to see you impressed..:)

  7. My am impressed when I read you make Tofu, Soy Milk at home. Am searching your blog for the soy milk recipe coz am addicted to it.

  8. yea..thats the goodness of absorbs in anything n everything..nice dish the lemon basil combo ..:)

  9. Sangeeta it looks yummy. i am definitely going to try it. Thanks for visiting my blog, you have a super blog!

  10. very nice sangeeta.. I must try this some time!

  11. This recipe is something new for me and I am sure it will be delicious.I will try it out.

  12. photo is very beautiful


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