macaroni n baby corn in a fresh basil tomato sauce

this one i make mostly for a quick evening snack as dear hubby returns home really hungry.......the fresh ingredients are the key to this recipe, as for us this kind of a fresh n crunchy
( due to baby corn) snack lifts up the energy levels in the evening....

to prepare

boil a cup of macaroni (whole wheat) in lots of salted water till al dante' and drain.........

meanwhile slice about 6-8 baby corns diagonally

chop an onion and 2 fat cloves of garlic finely

chop 2 big red tomatoes in the chopper or in the chutny jar of the mixie......

now heat a tbsp of oil in a pan and throw in the garlic first,then the sliced baby corns and the onions after a minute ....

after a couple of minutes dunk in the chopped or pureed raw tomato with 2 tsp of red chilly flakes , salt to taste and cook covered for 2 minutes..

now throw in the cooked macaroni , stir to mix and tear about 20 leaves of fresh basil leaves with hands and throw them into the cooking mixture........turn off the flame, cover and let it sit for 2 minutes till the flavors infuse.......

serve hot topped with grated cheese of your choice ....i serve it mostly without cheese.....the fresh basil alone is enough to make you drool.....and if you like corn, nothing like this.



  1. This is superb!! I have never seen this combination of macroni and corn. I will try this for Siddharth lunch box.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. superb!! looks delicious & recipe is so simple ...Will try next time ..

  3. That's the evening snack?? then you guys have dinner too?? I could eat a whole Kadai of this for dinner...:)

  4. simple and healthy recipe.. looks soo delicious :)

  5. Hello Sangeetha,first time here..
    macaroni looks so yummy and got a cool blog.keep rocking..

  6. GR8 combination,never heard before..tnx dear...

  7. thanks all of you for being generous in your comments.
    @ sakshi...yes dearthis is our evening snack or a weekend brunch...but whenever we have it in the evening the dinner is may be a fruit or some coffee with some other snack....arvind is a completely snack person and anything other that daal chawal roti sabzi is a snack for him...lolz...n every snack should serve to be a be a meal in my house...ha ha..


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