eating my grains in a plate....not in a bowl this time.

when you decide to eat the same grains daily, you need to change it to suite your mood and the ingredients available.......anyway i can't eat the same thing daily...i need some change and i keep experimenting and believe me if you have a little bit of imagination and a knack to combine the flavors well, you are always winsome....regarding your food at least....

i want to continue on my multigrain soup till i am able to loose a few more kilos.......though i reachesd a plateau again as i am not doing any exercise now a days, summer season is stretching long and i am very uncomfortable in this season....don't even feel like going out for a walk and i know as soon as i resume on my exercise i will get my goal.....though i don't want to become stick thin...a little chubbiness i like n suits me..

so as i said the healthy whole grains are in my diet almost everyday n i keep changing the way they appear in my plate ( or my bowl for that matter)......this time i just boiled a mix of bajra ( pearl millet) , jau (barley) , and whole wheat gains in a pressure cooker with just enough water to cook it ( double the amount of soaked grains) and some this..i spread the boiled grains on a plate ....

and topped it with chopped n microwaved poi saag , some kale chane ki ghugni ( chana masala) and some chopped onions.......some lemon juice and salt n pepper to finish and the healthy meal is ready to devour........

it was tasty as the hot masala from kaale chane ki ghugni made it spicy, the whole grains provide a nice bite and you have to chew the food a lot to eat is good as you get satiety sooner this way ....i washed it off with a tall glass of buttermilk and it was a good meal ...something i would like to repeat often...
and lastly i would like to show you the photo of poi saag ( also called as malabar spinach) which came fresh from my garden...the leaves do not need to be chopped here they are small but the larger leaves are the size of a half plate n are to be chopped before cooking.....poi saag can be cooked like spinach though has a different taste n texture.....


  1. kale channe..sahii!!!
    i would have it like chaat!!

  2. Going by your snap I do not find you overweight at all ... but yes .. these recipes are really healthy and sound tasty too. :-)
    I envy you your poi.

  3. i love the way u create one after one healthy dishes, keep up the good cooking dear :)

  4. love black khana can you work out indoors if its too hot?? you can do it lol

  5. healthy!Can't believe you have such a wide variety of veggies and greens in your garden including stevia ,wow :D

  6. Healthy dish as usual...will try it out for sure...tnx dear...

  7. thanks all of you..
    @ rush..yeah it's like chhat only .
    @ sharmila..dear i am overwt. for sure but somehow don't look like...have a large athletic build...but my feet know how heavy i am...lolz.
    @ rebecca...yeah dear i can workout indoors..actually that is the only option i have...i guess sometimes i get disoriented with other things.
    @ yasmeen...yeah dear i want to grow so many of the herbs n veggies,but the summer this year has scorched all my plants....stewea is so easy to grow you can't believe.

  8. I like kala channa with paneer.. and some lemon on it.. It tasted yum..

    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Such cleverness with grains. I'm always wondering what to do with my. And you're so lucky to have a garden. I wish I did.

  10. Wow Very healthy recipe & looks nice ..

  11. Love kaala channa and that too very hot and of my fave any time munchies


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