multigrain soup or khichri | the one soup which is bringing me back to track

yes, this is the soup which is so full of nutrients and soluble fiber , not to mention the goodness of the complex carbs, protiens and antioxidants ....very low on fats and all this health package comes in a tasty bowl of comfort........

recently when i thought of moving to the next level with my weight loss , which has to be healthy but i was not able to exercise properly ( due to my other commitments), i had to come to food to help me out........earlier also i relied on high fiber, low fat meals at least once a day, but in winters it is easier to stick to multigrain breads and rotis and lots of winter veggies n fruits.........that worked for me fine but the smoldering summers come with lots of mangoes and sherbats here and you don't want to exercise in the heat.......sweating feels like yuckk........i like all the summer veggis n fruits too and they have helped me maintain my weight but i needed to loose a few more kilos.............multigrain roti are too heavy for Indian summers , so i came up with this soup.............i take it daily , a large bowl full actually , sometimes i make a khichdi with slight modifications and believe me this one special meal a day has helped me reduce 1.5 kg in two weeks....and i am eating those mangoes, lassi, shakes and sherbats almost daily and the fried puris, pakode n parathas too once a week( my puri, chapati or paratha dough still has that soya solids , leftover from soy milk making)

ingredients for two servings

whole wheat grains 1 tbsp
hulled whole barley 1.5 tbsp
mung beans 1 tbsp
split chickpea or chana daal 1 tbsp
( soak these for two hrs , i prefer soaking these four ingredients overnight as it becomes quick in the morning)
brown rice 1 tbsp
french beans chopped 1/2 cup
brinjals choped 1/2 cup
carrots chopped 3/4 cup
tomatoes chopped 2 cups
black pepper powder 1 tbsp
cumin powder 1 tsp
green chillies chopped 1 tbsp
salt to taste
butter 1 tbsp
garlic chopped 1 tbsp


dunk all the ingredients into the pressure cooker with about 3 cups of water ( or more if you like it thinner), except butter and garlic , and cook till 2 and mix well.
heat butter and garlic together till garlic gets pinkish....pour over the soup and serve hot.......
tastes like a richly textured tomato's yummy and i like having it almost daily for my breakfast at this point of time...

try this for a week and tell me.......anybody out there wanting to loose a couple of kilos....


  1. wow the soup is jam packed with healthy nutrients, thanks for sharing this!

  2. Lovely and healthy soup. Nice idea to add multiple whole grains.

  3. yummy soup. quite healthy. Lovely blog. Do check mine..!

  4. hey I like all the ingredients and the soup looks great to me...but am scared after you said it helps to loose weight. A week of this soup is enough for me to be invisible I guess...

    OMG you make soy milk at home?? Is there a recipe for it on ur blog?? I love soy milk and drink a glass every single day...

  5. Hi Sangeeta, I prepare the exact same soup and call it pressure cooker soup. I add some whole wheat pasta too and vegetable stock insted of the water.

  6. I do make soup with lentils and rice ... but wheat grains sound new. Healthy. :-)

  7. Loads of multi grains ,I love these kind of hearty soups:)

  8. Thats everything a body needs in a bowl..hats off dear..!!

  9. Healthy soup,tnx sangeetha..

  10. This soup sounds wonderful! All those healthy grains. And yes, weight loss has been pretty constant in my life. Right now I need to lose a few kilos as well.

  11. You have to love a big bowl of hearty soup. This looks and probably smells delicious.

  12. thanks all of you friends.....but nobody congratulated me on my wt. loss.....boohoo.......

    hey sakshi can have this for your health and now you must be happy dear.

    @ madhuram....your soup with pasta also must be good....i like pasta soups too.....this one serves a purpose for me.

    @ sharmila even i tried whole wheat grains for the first time...mostly i used daliya earlier.

    thanks sango for visiting.

    @ lori...yes dear wt. loss is all about a commitment with yourself....and sometimes it comes naturally ..when you are ready of course.

    @gavan....thanks for appreciating.

  13. would love to try this!!!! I tried your idea of multi-grain poha and loved it!!!

  14. What a lot of grains-a truly "multi" grain soup :)

  15. yummy delicious soup..nice blog...

  16. how the heck did i miss this post!? Will let you know when I try this. I saw daliya @ the desi store didn't buy it but next time will. Handavo and the soup are on my list now. and that banana malpua which you recommended to sakshi..

  17. Soup from scratch sounds healthy. Nice write up too dear.

  18. First time to your blog. You have a nice collection of healthy and interesting recipes.
    Yummy delicious soup..

    Do visit my space when you get free time.

  19. The soup sounds wonderfully delicious and healthy!

  20. sounds good..will try this....might click on me ....


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