101 gluten free breakfasts : mixed grain poha | multigrain poha | poha with sprouts

Mixed grains when used in whole form are a good source of soluble fiber and multiple types of Vitamins and minerals, also varied profile of amino acids as well. Such grains are low on glycemic index and good for diabetics and weight watchers too.

mixed grain poha | multigrain poha | poha with sprouts

I like savory breakfasts. In our childhood days it used to be stuffed parathas, poha, upma, sandwiches etc. with a bowl of daliya cooked in milk. Daliya used to be a quick gulp down, but the savory preparations were something special, everyday we used to look forward... aaj nashte me kya bana hai... what is there for breakfast today.......

I do a lot of quick cooking these days 'for all the reasons', but never want to miss on the nutritive whole food which is nutritive, low on fat and high on fiber. This poha made with whole barley grains, mung dal and some poha is so rich in texture and flavor that it becomes a favorite with everybody. My dad and brother liked it very much when they visited recently.

Before going on to the recipe, I want to let you know, that such breakfasts and meals have helped me loose 10 kilos in a very short period of time. I know I have very little options at this point of time regarding doing workouts and the stress had already caused a lot of harm, healthy eating hashelped keep some balance.

mixed grain poha | multigrain poha | poha with sprouts

ingredients for the poha
( four breakfast servings)
split mung beans (with or without skin) soaked overnight 1 cup or mixed sprouts
barley grains soaked overnight 3/4 cup
coarse poha or chivda 1 cup
onions chopped 1 cup or potatoes cubed in small bits
green chilies and ginger chopped fine 1 tbsp each
curry patta 10-15 strings
turmeric powder 1 tsp
cumin seeds 1 tsp
salt to taste
lots of freshly ground pepper
oil or ghee 1 tbsp
lemon juice 1-2 tbsp


Wash the poha in a colander under running water and keep aside. If using fine poha, no need to wash.

Heat ghee in a pan and throw in the cumin seeds, let them crackle and add the ginger and green chilies, followed by chopped onions or potatoes or both if using, and curry patta.

Stir fry for some time until the onions become translucent. Now add the turmeric powder, soaked barley and mung if using, salt n pepper and mix properly. Now cook the mixture covered on low flame till the mung looks shiny n translucent, for about 5 minutes... the barley gets cooked through till the time too.

Now add the washed poha, mix properly and keep cooking for 5 more minutes and let the flavors blend in, drizzle with some lemon juice and serve hot.

It can be garnished with roasted peanuts or almonds but I like it as it is, it has enough texture and flavor and is a stand alone breakfast.

mixed grain poha | multigrain poha | poha with sprouts

Buttermilk is a good accompaniment with it. I sometimes make if for dinner and have it with cucumber raita. Poha can be really versatile if you wish.


  1. Thats healthy and delicious breakfast poha..yum yum

  2. Ha am up too early on a Saturday morning here and was thinking what would be today's breakfast...you solved it. Gonna make Poha and wow the addition of moong dal is new to me. but today will have to do without it as I have to soak it no?? Kash..ho...kash only if you have posted this 9 hrs back?? heeee...
    Don't apologize every time for ur pics...u r doing just great

  3. Wow.. thats new to me adding other grains in poha..very healthy idea.

  4. poha with barley and mung dal...perfect I say!!! this is going to be my breakfast for tomorrow!!!

  5. I love savoury breakfast too ... nothing sweet or cold. :-)
    Like the poha ... very nutritious. :-)

  6. Hi Sangeeta, thanks dear for visiting my blog, yes i do know a recipe of guwar but here in swiss we dont get this veggie so cant post it :(, but i can email you the recipe in sometime, is it ok?

  7. I love savoury breakfasts, too. I usually eat them when I'm in Europe but at home it seems much easier to just pour myself a bowl of cereal. Just be patient with the weight. Cut back a little bit more--not too much, your body will notice and rebel--and you'll pass the hump in no time.

  8. Poha is new to me, sounds very healthy and delicious!

  9. This is the real whole grain breakfast,love it:)

  10. Same pitch..me too like savory bf..n this is definitely a healthy kick start to the day..n I remember having this in Pune office mornings..rarely tho..Those guys used to murder the Poha..!:D

  11. thanks everybody...it seems most of the people like savory home cooked breakfasts but somehow fall prey to ready to serve cereals....that os not bad occasionally ....at least for me, but freshly made one dish quick meal is better any day.....


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