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Mangoes in Indian summers are something you get to see in all our streets, you'll find many vendors selling luscious plump mangoes of many varieties all over the place. The sight is so tempting that you can't stop buying some even when you have plenty at home waiting for it's turn to be relished. Mangoes are fairly high calorie, carb rich fruits and the portions should always be watched. I try and make a few mango preparations in the season as Arvind has a major sweet tooth and mangoes are just irresistible. This mango loaf I tried for the first time after reading a post on durum wheat semolina by Cinzia and Marika. I was eager to try semolina for baking a loaf and a surplus quantity of mangoes tricked me to make this one.......

I followed a simple recipe.........
with least ingredients.........

I separated pulp from 2 big mangoes weighing around 750 gm.........
200 ml tetra pack of fresh cream(25% fat) ,
3/4 cup of sugar and 1.5 cup of semolina..........

Can you believe it ?? just four ingredients ..........a tsp of baking soda is to raise the loaf.........

I made it in microwave so it was quick too.........

to proceed ...

I used a hand blender to make a puree of the pulp, then added the cream to it and gave it a quick whiz.............poured out in a bowl ..........mixed semolina with baking soda and sugar thoroughly separately and mixed it with the mango cream puree.........whipping lightly....... it looked like this......

thick ribbon forming ........not like the AP flour cake batter......consistency can be adjusted by reducing the amount of semolina or adding in some more cream or whole milk...........then the batter was poured into greased loaf mold, filling it halfway..........

I had enough batter to make two loaves, microwaved the loaf for 6 minutes. If you keep a watch on the baking loaf you can easily know when it is cooked through, the center of the loaf will rise in the last as it starts cooking from the periphery in a microwave, so when the center fluffs up and looks dry , it's done.
Wait for a couple of minutes before opening the microwave and let it cool outside.

Slice it and top the slices with anything you want and enjoy After microwaving it rises and fills up the mold 3/4th.

I was happy to make this loaf as my beautiful angel , Mithi liked it when I put a small piece into her mouth........it's so rare that she likes a taste and responds to it. I have to just keep the dry foods in her mouth for a few seconds so she can taste, then the food has to be removed from her mouth as the saliva makes it wet and as she can't swallow, the food might choke her or just flow our with her drool. I am really glad she liked this mango cake.

See how wonderful the loaf looks.....

Here is the other one, in a casserole dish....

and the slices were so light and fluffy,the semolina gives it a nice bite and a crumbly texture. I am glad to have baked this loaf, butter is replaced with cream and it's not so high on fat.

It's almost a week since this cake was baked and we have been enjoying it in different ways, it keeps well in the fridge for a week at least and tastes better when served warm or at room temperature. I just microwave it for a minute and serve it........whatever way suits you.......

Here it is with mango chhunda .........

And with mango mint yogurt. (hung curd whipped with fresh mango puree and a few mint leaves).........

And even with warm milk for breakfast, Arvind liked it so much he wanted to have it all the time.........

I know this cake has to be made again.......very soon ......it's already a comfort food of sorts for him........surprisingly I am loving serving it ( that satisfies my appetite too) and a small portion with the mango yogurt was my favorite.........



  1. This is a totally new recipe to me..sounds good!

  2. Sangeeta,
    Thats so quick and looks so light and fluffy..
    do you think i can make it in pressure cooker also,do let me know...
    hugs and smiles

  3. This is awesome-never thought of making a mango loaf!!Excellent Sangeeta:)

  4. Dear Sangeeta! we are so pleased you tried the durum wheat semolina in your mango loaf after reading our post! We make almost all cakes and tarts with durum wheat semolina...and the taste is just so great!
    Your mango loaf looks so mouthwatering and we definetely want to try it. Unfortunately we won't be able to find such good mangoes. What other fruit would you advise we use? what about peaches?

  5. thankyou cinzia and marika............this is how we contribute to each other's cooking style......i am going to make it with apricots next.

  6. thanks jaya.....i have never made cakes in a pressure cooker but i think it can be adapted to it....it'll get a nice crust.......

  7. wow..wonderful creation dear..am so glad that Mithi enjoyed it too..:)

  8. Mango loaf sounds wonderful!

  9. Mango loafs and that too low fat cream mmm I will have the entire loaf!!! they look soft!!!

  10. Mango loaf looks nice...perfect for this season

  11. thanks everybody.....i have already made this loaf 3 times (2 loaves each time) in this season n everybody around has appreciated it.thanks to cinzia n marika's post on durum wheat semolina which got me into action this time.

  12. Never thought of making a mango loaf. It looks so fluffy n perfect. Love to grab a piece:)

  13. It does look fluffy ... a must try. :-) I think I'll like it with custard. :-)

  14. mmm...loaf sounds so tasty to use the surplus mangoes.Except for mangoes we have other stone fruit more readily avaible here like plum,apricots and peaches,guess I could try with them.Is the Semolina same as the fine sooji rava?

  15. thanks viki , sharmila n yasmeen.
    yes it's fine suji rawa , this loaf is something which has to be in my fridge now,owing to my hubby's sweet tooth.

  16. This looks wonderful! I wonder if I would have everything I need to make this in Brazil. Looking forward to the Mango Chhunda recipe!

  17. Oh my mango slice looks delicious..very interesting use of ingredients and so easy..it does look soft and spongy..first time here..will visit again :)

  18. Oh my missed this post...sigh!! am taking my reader to get spanked by the blogger team. What a wonderful loaf...am such a sucker for mangoes. Used to buy daily 1 to 2 kilos while in Delhi. That was my way to beat the summers. Here I do get tins of mango puree whenever I visit the Indian store...Will try to make your loaf.

  19. Mango is my all time favourite & that too a mango loaf . Sounds great & new too . Your recipe looks delicious & very light too .

  20. can I cook this in cooker

  21. Yes this cake can be adapted to be cooked in a pressure cooker.

  22. Yes this cake can be adapted to be cooked in a pressure cooker.


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