brussels sprouts with my couscous

after looking at all the yummy food pics on other blogs , sometimes i get a bit conscious of posting my pics here.............but then i think my food should do the recipes are not authentic , not exotic by any standards , nor they are meant for fine dining...............this is a way of life for me........this is how i am getting benefited..........and that is what i want to share here.................

phewww.......feeling better pics are just illustrative n functional........and i think they serve the purpose well............hmmmmm.........i have all the reasons to post the pics.

more than recipes my posts are my ideas do i include good nutrition in my diet and how i do permutations and combinations in my cooking.........i like variety in my food n keep trying on that.........the right treatment to the basic ingredients makes all the need to manipulate a bit to include complex carbs and fiber with all the nutrients ( minus fats) into your daily diet.....especially when you don't want to starve yourself with all the bland n boring food ..........we can mind our calories in a yummy way............

this recipe of brussels sprouts served on a bed of steamed couscous was something i would love to eat daily.....can't do it as BS are not available most of the time here and secondly they are obscenely costly here.........i like the extra crunch in them teamed with a slightly nutty flavour, which i have enhanced here by adding split chickpeas and urad dal into it during the tadka ( south indian style).......loved it........

here is how it goes...


couscous or daliya or wheat burgul 1/4 cup soaked in 1/3 cup of buttermilk for 2 hrs
brussels sprouts quartered 1/2 cup
french beans chopped 1/2 cup
curry leaves chopped fine 1/4 cup
fresh or frozen coconut chopped finely 2 tsp
ginger finely chopped 1/2 tsp
whole red chillies broken 1 tbsp
mustard seeds 1 tsp
chana dal and urad dal 1 tsp each
oil 1 tsp
salt to taste and black pepper 1-2 tsp.


season the soaked couscous and microwave it for 1-2 minutes depending on how coarse or fine it the meanwhile , heat oil in a pan and throw in mustard seeds , broken red chillies, split dals n let splutter......throw in the chopped curry leaves( the more the better for me), chopped ginger and the french beans , salt n pepper .......stir while cooking and after two minutes add the brussels sprouts too.......the idea is to keep both the veggies crunchy n half can cook it more if you like that way.....add the coconut pieces ( they add to the crunch n can be avoided) , mix well and serve hot on the bed of cooked couscous.........with a dash of lime juice or with a bowl of plain curds..........


  1. I love Brussels too..but have nevr tried on Cuscous..looks great dear..its so healthy too aint it..:)

  2. You make excellent dishes and yes you are right your food talks for you expertise so don't worry much abt the pics...lolz. Brussel sprouts...i love that crunchiness in them too and this definitely is a must try dish for me

  3. Healthy healthy!!! Very nice recipe!

  4. Looks very healthy and nutritious... guilt free food!!!

  5. Brussel sprout with cuscous seems innovative and healthy. I should try it soon.

  6. Looks good-I've yet to try making couscous!!
    BTW,why are you avoiding mangoes-that's one thing I've never understood! People avoid mangoes and bananas but don't have a problem eating chips/samosas/a sweet!! A fruit is so much more healthier than any healthy man made snack!
    Enjoy the mangoes when they are in season :)

  7. thaks sweta ...but as far as mangoes are concerned, we UPeans are so fond of them that we like to consume 6-7 mangoes at one go , we make a lot of calorie rich deserts with them, see my aam malai post at my banaras it's best to avoid them right now .........i eat them in controlled portions though as i am not giving up any of my fav foods.

  8. I love brussels sprouts, especially since I began roasting them a few years back. I agree that we should worry less about the pictures of our food and more about nourishing ourselves and those we love with good, simple home cooking. It's so cool that the world of food blogging allows us to discover what home cooking is like all over the globe.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it allowed me to find yours :-)


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