stirfried zuchhini in my smily bowl

zuchhini is one of the negative calorie food there are many other vegetables , mostly the guard n squash family.........all of these veggies have high water content n a lot of good fiber.....soluble fibre detoxify our body n wipes away the bad cholesterol.........moreover if they are cooked in their own juices like in a know how good they are to replenish the body with minerals n vitamins n to take away the's a good idea to include one such vegetable in each meal either in the form of a salad or a stirfry.....soups n stews are also smart ways to include these in our diet......
this time it is a stirfry with zuchhini........i find myself serving this in my smily bowls...i bought these bowls for mithi to cheer her up a long time they cheer me too sometimes......
keep smiling.......

as all my stirfry veggies, this one is quick too.......just a change of the seasonings n herbs and a new version of sizzling stirfry is can be eaten as it is or with chapati or bread.......

cut the zuchhinis lengthwise n then into 1" a tsp of hot oil, throw in some chopped dry red chillies and a lot of crushed garlic..then goes the zuchhini batons and chopped onions...........stirfry on high heat ( in a heavy bottomed pan)........salt n pepper is added when the zuchhini starts getting translucent.........ready within 5 minutes........

i like cooking zuchhini more because it doesn't need peeling n coring n the cutting n chopping is minimal.......easier to cook n tasty too.
stirfried zuchhini in my smily bowl


  1. Oh..Loved that cute bowl dear..Yummy stir fry..:)

  2. sangeeta - i really enjoy all of your recipes. However, what is the reason that you use micrwave in so many of your recipes. Does it really go with your idea of ayurved? Thanks.

  3. I see Microwaving as a faster way of cooking/steaming. That's it.
    Personally I never came across any study suggesting MW is antagonistic to Ayurveda.



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