my first awards

how dumb i have been that when these two wonderful blogger friends of mine , bestowed me with awards , i didn't even know how to display them on my excuses ...........just that i am a new blogger n so desperate to post the recipes only that i never even tried customizing the page........................whatever time i get, that is spent on uploading the pics n writing the text..........n having a look at the new posts of the blogs i am following...........

i would like to thank varsha, who told me how to paste these awards on my page , she is a sweetheart, though i want to thank her for many more things..........but falling short of words.

yasmeen's award is designed by artist that she's always a pleasure trip, whenever visiting her blog........thanks dear.

also this award by varsha, has to be delivered to eight more blogger is not at all difficult for me as i am following just a few blogs n it is going to them only.........but i will take my own time...:D:D


  1. Haa...and I thought I was the only dumb one who couldn't drag Varsha's award to my blog and yeah thanks to that sweety pie Varsha she patiently told me how to display the award on my blog. U have a cool blog here and I am glad to see that you are from delhi...was there for 2 years and that was the most beautiful days...
    Will catch up with your posts and hope I will find some of my delhi fave recipes here.

  2. Oh..congrats dear..Waiting for your greeny posts..:)

  3. Thanks for inquiring,I'm OK ,just a busy week.A case of stomach flu(Nabeel's),a birthday to celebrate(Little one turned 2) and organizing a community event kept me busy.I'm back now,thanks for the kind words,you truly deserved it:)

  4. congrats sangeeta.You deserve the award.keep up posting good post.Will support you always :)

  5. thanks a lot sweetipie........i truly need all that support.........n a lot of love too...hungry for that.

  6. Thanks sangeetha for leaving all those comments on my posts...I love it and yes I want you to read my every Hope to see you every time i write something...don't worry you won't have to visit my blog like the full moon...takes my own sweet time to write..:)

  7. WOW!!! Congratulations on the award. I am sorry. I have been off blgging for a long long time, just found time today to see my blog & then came to your's....



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