low fat chilly chicken Indo chinese style

i can see a very significant pattern in my weight loss journey , i loose 3-4 kgs within a month and then for about 15 days there is no more weight loss , then again i start with it , loosing 3-4 kgs and again the same i have understood what is behind it..........when i loose, it is because i follow this low cal.... high fiber-rich in complex carbs diet , doing moderate exercises in the form of walking or a little bit of dancing or cycling( about 30 minutes of daily aerobic activity)........after a 3-4 kg loss i become a bit relaxed and go easy with the exercise routine and sometimes indulge myself in cakes and tikkis etc.........but thankfully i have not once gained back the lost weight ..........earlier when i used to reduce by controlling myself from eating fried food etc, i used to gain back the lost weight almost within a month or two........yes, i could understand my tendency and did not deprive myself from my comfort food this time and there are no cravings as i am eating all my favorite foods cooked in a modified manner..............i think i have recognized my problem area n i have to stick to this program..........

worth mentioning that i feel a lot more active now and the lethargy i used to feel because of my weight is no more in the more aches and pains..........though the chronic things are yet to go.............moreover my waistline, which had become extinct and a cylinder was the outline of my torso, is now coming to shape........and i am more than happy with this..........the kurtas and tops are more shapely now and my jeans is slipping..........i havn't got a new pair still cuz i am hopeful that i'll be able to come two sizes down..........i am keeping my fingers crossed.

now i don't shy away with my favorite food ...........rahter i try n make it in a healthier manner.......i havn't been eating out earlier too , so it is easier for me to keep a tab on my daily intake.

so i wanted to make the chilly chicken low fat n i was quite successful, my husband also liked this low fat non fried version and suggested to make it always like this.........this is good indication.....:D:D.

poor picture quality is regretted cuz it was made for dinner n poor light paired with a humble cell phone camera can give give you just a peek into what it was like.........:D:D


chicken about 350 gm ( it was enough for both of us)
ginger finely chopped 1 tsp
garlic finely chopped 1 tsp
green chillies finely chopped 1-2 tsp
ginger garlic n green chilly paste 2 tsp
spring onion 2 bulbs plus leaves chopped separately
dark soya sauce 2 tsp
tomato ketchup 2 tbsp
black pepper powder 1 tsp
oil 1 tbsp ( i used sunflower oil)


i did not use any corn flour and the chicken pieces were not fried as in the normal recipe...........also i did not use any green bell pepper which is my favourite but my husband is allergic to can be added along with the spring onion greens.

firstly marinate the chicken pieces with the ginger garlic green chilly paste and a tsp of soya sauce for an hour.

heat a wide pan with 1 tbsp of oil and throw in the chopped ginger garlic n green chillies......wait for a minute add in the chopped spring onion bulbs and slip in the marinated chicken and cook on medium heat, turning now n my chicken peices were big so i covered and cooked for about 15 minutes.........after this add the remaining 1 tsp soya sauce , the tomato ketchup and the spring onion leaves ( if using bell peppers , about 1/4 th of a chopped bell pepper goes in) and give it a good stir.........lo... it is ready.......we had it with mixed cerial chapati......

the thin springs of onions used for garnish are from my garden.............looking cute to me.........i did this to make it more photogenic as dark soya sauce had made the dish monochromatic and there was no glaze because of non frying ..............but it made lttle difference..........the chicken was yum n we decided we will make it more often....
low fat chilly chicken Indo chinese style


  1. Good one sweetie..I love chilli chicken./This definitely sounds easy n yum..:)`grab an award from my shrimp post..:)

  2. Oh this chilli chicken my family would just love to try. Congrats also on your awards sweetie :0)

    Rosie x

  3. Tasty chili chicken.Good luck with continuing the awesome weight loss diet.Sadly(or happily) I don't have any pounds to loose,all my friends feel I already look under weigh.But I will stick to healthy eating anyway.

  4. aaaah yasmeen you are a lucky can eat anything n everything..

  5. Wow-looks simple and tasty!! Will definitely try it with the capsicum :-)

  6. Your recipes sound easy and interesting, and encourages me to try them!!!

  7. thanks Vandana....please let me know when you try..



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