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i am back to this blog after a short break...........have been cooking all this while, but somehow dint find time to post.......though i prepared very few healthy recipes and lots of traditional n heavier food.........have been eating those high calorie food too , but one thing i want to share here is that my weight didn't go up even if i feasted on holi preparations ( all the holi recipes can be seen on banaras ka khana in the coming days)...........i had my fair share of guzias , matthis and dry samosas but i did not stop having my bowlful of veggies everyday.......well, almost everyday........also i feel that, as i enjoy eating my veggies ( lots of fibre to fill me up)....i have little space left for these festive it is easier to control the portions or servings for that matter.

also , i had guests in the last week n i have been cooking heavier curries with puris and all ..........i myself was having these food too , but still my weight dint go up........i see this as a good sign, cuz i have seen people loosing a lot of weight n again putting it back in no has happened to me in the past when i take the liberty to eat the usual stuff , now i'll not be worried about the outcome...........

i think this is partly because i have not been depriving myself from parathas ans chillas , which are my favourite staples , so it is not like going from one extreme to the other when not following the healthy diet is never on the extreme side , it includes a few fritters, parathas,spicy chutnys, rice preparations and all the food which i have grown up eating.......this part i believe , helps in sticking to the diet pattern, as well as not causing any cravings...........and also large servings of veggies , which i eat with meals or the salads between the meals should be continued even when eating out of the 'pattern' ........all of this is working for me and a few of my friends are taking my advice to follow this........

last week i read a beautiful interview of Bharat Thakur, the yoga guru, about fitness regime,diet secrets and weight loss was published in the sunday supplement ( named Brunch) of Hindustan Times.......i thought of sharing it here so that all my friends can see this and also, i can see it whenever i get distracted.....:D:D....

here are a few suggestions by yoga guru Bharat Thakur for people keen to loose weight...

1. Don't starve yourself as your metabolism falls.

2. Fight the fat, not your weight. when you exercise, your lean body mass increases and so muscle weight increases. don't look at the weighing scale everyday, you'll get demotivated.

3. Eat every two hours. if you don't eat anything, eat two digestive or marie biscuits. the moment you are hungry and delay your intake of food, the acid levels in the stomach increase, and when you eat later you will end up adding weight.

4. Avoid alcohol if you can, especially whisky, and shift to wine or vodka if you have to drink. drink water instead of soft drinks.

5. Avoid fried snacks or chips and eat roasted snacks.

6. Eat lots of fibrous food,like white oats, salad and green vegetables.

7. Avoid rice and sugar completely if you are a heavy rice eater.

8. Shift to green tea.

9. Never panic about your weight.

10. Avoid friends who have a bad lifestyle.

11. Accept that you are diseased and to cure the disease, you have to change your lifestyle because there is no medicine which can help you loose weight.

12. There is no alternative to exercise because you will look healthy only when your muscles are in shape.

13. Avoid overexercising, which tends to burn you out and decreases self confidence.

14. Exercise correctly with a good trainer. understand that your lower body is important because two major joints can leave you bedridden- your knees and your lower back.

15. Strenthen your quadriceps and your hamstrings. these huge muscles will eat up calories and make you slim.

16. A small injury can spoil your workout for weeks, so warm up adequately before doing cardio, stretching or weights.

i find these guidelines very helpful, though i do not exercise under a trainer .....i can't.........but the lifestyle changing suggestion is suitable for me........for exercising i feel the walking and small 5 minute jigs during the day are very helpful...........5 minute jigs , 3-4 times a day are enought o keep the metabolism steady and is lot of fun too.........

we actually have to find out what works best for us.


  1. I agree with Bharat-there is no alternative to exercise,but it is also important to do the exercise correctly.Otherwise you may be doing more harm than good!!
    Sangeeta-thanks for your comment.Do you have any ideas/recipes on how to make the junk food lighter? It'll be great if you could post some recipes :-)

  2. Great Post dearie..Enlightening to us..Glad that u had a great time..:)

  3. @ sweta
    regarding adaptation of the traditional or junk food recipes, i do a lot of experimentation............i think i am a pro now .....i have alredy posted recipes like fat free papdi chaat , fat free chole, cabbage fritters, hariyali kabab my next post i will try n discuss about how to adapt a recipe into a lighter works for me...........though purists may shrink their noses........



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