kothimbir wadi recipe | how to make kothimbir wadi in microwave and steamer

 Kothimbir or kothmir is the Gujrati and Marathi name for coriander greens or cilantro, in Hindi we know it as dhaniya patta. This steamed dumpling with coriander greens and chickpea flour is a healthy and filling snack and can be a meal in itself if required.

Packed with aromatic flavours of coriander greens, this recipe of kothimbir wadi is low on glycemic index both because it uses gluten free gram flour and a lot of chopped coriander greens. This can be eaten steamed or deep fired or shallow fried with a tempering of sesame, mustard seeds and curry patta etc.

Now about this wonderful recipe of kothimbir wadi, kothmir wadi or dhaniya patta wadi, or whatever you call it. It could be a dumpling made with any herb but the traditional Maharashtrian version is made with coriander greens, hence the name. I had once saw it on Karen Anand's show, Angad Bedi was the show host and I liked the way he cooked it, completely at ease.

He steamed the kothimbir wadi over a pot of boiling water as is done traditionally and then deep fried it to serve as a snack. I made a small but significant change, cooked it in microwave and served it without frying. It was so delicious that we always eat it steamed, only the leftovers are cubed and shallow fried later for a tea time snack.

Also I make it with soaked chana dal instead of besan most of the times as it gives a better texture. Many times I use mung dal with skin for making mung kothimbir wadis too.


soaked chana dal 1 cup
garlic cloves  10 nos.
whole dried red chillies 4 nos.
ginger 2 inch piece
salt n pepper to taste
turmeric powder 1 tsp
chopped coriander leaves 3 cups packed or as much the mixture can accommodate


First of all pulse the red chillies, garlic and ginger in your grinder so that they are coarsely ground. Green chillies can be used but I like the color of the red chillies sprinkled into the wadis, choice is your's. After this put in the soaked dal, salt-pepper n turmeric powder into the grinder and give it another pulse to make a coarse paste.

Take out in a mixing bowl and throw in the chopped coriander leaves, mix well, shape into small rounds or oblong cutlet shapes, arrange in a microwave safe bowl with lid and microwave for 3 minutes for 3 -4 wadis. Or just shape them into flat patties and steam in idli steamer.

Repeat to make more wadis. Serve hot with or without chutney.

Good with tea........the texture of coriander leaves n aroma of the herbs and chillies is something to die for. It is very tasty and chatpata, can be made in bulk and  stored in fridge for a week.

Reheat in microwave to serve.  Or deep fry if you feel like.  But these can be shallow fried in nonstick pan or tempered with some mustard seeds, sesame seeds and chillies like this..

See how I like it served with kanji wada as a meal.

Sometimes I do a cheats job with the kothimbir wadis, when there are some unexpected guests visiting as is so common in our country, I just cut it in cubes or thick slices and deep fry and dip in a masala gravy. This curry made with kothimbir wadi goes well with rice and a dry side dish and the usual accompaniments....

Or just have the kothimbir wadis as a tea time snack..

Very versatile when it comes to serving suggestions with kothimbir wadi.

Enjoy it steamed, shallow fried, deep fried or even curried. And make such wadis using any greens you like. This kind of wadis or steamed dumplings taste great with dill greens and fenugreek greens to.


  1. Good one..Like our Dal vada's..but this has no oil..n cooking it up in MW sounds whole new thing to me..quick n yum..Enjoy ur award n also blogging..:)

  2. look yummy..1st time here..lots of food..

  3. This looks really wonderful I'll definitely try your recipe..Keep visiting


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