green roasted cauliflowers

how can i be away from green for is this green roasted cauliflowers.........i plucked them fresh from the garden and wanted to make some crunchy and hot dry be wrapped in chapatis........checked the fridge and found my green curry's paste in the freezer........opened the container and the smell was divine even in frozen form..........dint waste anymore time to decide what am i making for lunch........these fat free bits went inside multigrain chapatis to make kathi rolls , with plain curds on the side............took these pics just after grilling and when the rolls were served with curds.......we both attacked it instantly and i missed those yum pics of it all rolled up......:)


fresh juicy cauliflower florets 10-15
green curry paste 1 cup


smear the paste all over the cauliflower florets and let it rest for 20 minutes or so.......arrange on a ceramic plate or a baking sheet and grill for about 30 minutes , turning the florets once in between.....serve hot as you wish


  1. Neva tried green curry paste..looks lovely.:)

  2. wow this dish must be very spicy!

  3. Wish I had a garden like yours.The winters are so long here almost like 6 months ,no home garden can survive the bitter cold.Hara masala gobi and roasted,that must taste divine:)

  4. Hi Sangeeta,

    I love this cauliflower. I am very happy to visit your healthfood site. Many recipes here are very tempting and will defintely be in my kitchen one day.

    Thanks for stopping by in my blog.



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