gobhi / broccoli paratha

hey there are lots of cauliflowers in my kitchen garden right now, though they are very cheap in the market right now but the market ones cannot beat the taste of the fresh ones from my garden......these are authentically organic.........and the have to eat it to believe they are.........

wish i could do something with the leaves, but they are too much to handle, moreover they are known to cause uric acid deposition and i am prone to it, forget about it...........

these are so fresh and tasty that they are best when eaten just cooked or half cooked......overcooking destroys the way for me would be to make parathas out of them, moreover,arvind likes stuffed parathas for his breakfast .........

stuffed parathas are considered healthy breakfast in north india and if it is made in minimal amount of oil, it becomes healthy by all standards.................hey , and i am a pro at making stuffed parathas, i can stuff a large amount of veggies in dough and the cooked paratha gets those tiny openings to give a glimpse of the get a lot of veggies in each bite and the shell of the paratha is nice and crisp........

years ago my gradma gave me this tip about making stuffed paratha , without the parahta getting torn during cooking.........the dough should be just the same consistency as the filling.....this tip works very well for mushy and binded potato or paneer etc.

when making gobhi parath my stuffing is crumbly and a bit tough to handle , but a little practice helps a on........


cauliflowers 1 head
ginger 1 inch piece
green chillies 4-5 nos.
coriander leaves a handful
ajwain seeds 1 tsp
black pepper powder 1 tsp
salt to taste
1/2 tsp ghee or any oil to shallow fry each paratha

a medium soft-dough made with whole wheat flour is used to make these parahtas.


first of all chop the cauliflowers roughly so that pea size crumbly pieces are formed , and chop ginger, green chillies and coriander leaves finely , mix them all together..........salt wouldn't be added to it now..............alternatively, all the veggies can be put into a chopper and given a quick whiz so that it becomes crumbly like this....

this the stuffing mixture without salt.........salt will be added just before stuffing the paratha, individually for each paratha cuz the mixture gets soggy after adding salt........we have to maintain crispness of the C'flower , also a soggy mixture will be difficult to handle........

now take a small portion of dough and make a bowl shaped trough out of it, fill it with mixture and seal it nicely, taking care that no air gets trapped into the stuffed gently flatten it on rolling stool with fingers , dust it with dry flour and roll a thick round shape , it gets a few punctures into the rolled's good taste n sight........lift it gently and put on the tawa or frying pan and roast using as little oil as you can............tastes good even without oil............serve hot with curds or some nice chutny........

this pic shows how much stuffing it can accommodate.......mmmm.....

broccoli can be used instead of cauliflowers and the rest of the procedure will be same....... see pics of broccoli parathas.........

this one is broccoli paratha with the stuffing and the amla garlic chutny i served it with, stuffed parathas don't need any elaborate side dish curds or pickles or chutnys are just fine, though in north india curds, malai or butter is mostly preferred.........

gobhi / broccoli paratha


  1. fresh gobi and organic too.You won't believe the size of gobi here ,its as big as footballs.Gobi paratha is making me hungry:)

  2. Parathas look so good..n I really envy you for those fresh bunch of Gobi's ou

  3. Good point Sangeeta.
    Yes,the traditional Indian diets has all it's benefits-that's why the 'mantra' among Indian health professionals is to go back to eating traditional Indian food.
    Good to know about your grand mom-yes,our ancestors were definitely healthier than us,there's no doubt about it.The whole problem lies in the fact that we are not as physically active as them.They probably walked more than us,used less household appliances than us and hence had to do most of the work manually.If we started doing that-we too would be as healthy!

  4. hmmm... this is the needs to be worked out...where we go wrong , in our own life, cuz it may be different for different people.

  5. yum!I love paratha..Your cauliflowers look so fresh.yum yum What a great idea to put the vege in roti paratha.:)

  6. your cauliflower looks so fresh that I can actually smell them!!!
    stuffed parathas with curds, pickle and a dollop of butter....nothing can beat this combo!!.....but I guess, we will have to skip that butter to keep it low calorie ....

  7. your cauliflower looks so fresh that I can actually smell it..!!stuffed parathas with curds, pickle and a dollop of butter....nothing can beat this combo!!.....but I guess, we will have to skip that butter to keep it low calorie

  8. aapka kitchen garden dekh kar ghar aur thand kee yaad aa rahee hai.....:-( Wish I could transcend there ... :-P and enjoy all the veggies of the winters, bathua, gobhi, matar, naye aloo, the list goes on & on...... and mom's cooking..... yummy... Am definitely going to make gobhi and mooli parathas in the coming days........:)



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