daal pithi, made my way, in a soup avatar

daal pithi is something i loved during my childhood, can't tell the reason why such a simple food can be the reason for cravings n childhood memories, but somehow it was a recipe which all of us looked forward to, my dadi called it daal ki dulhin because the wheat dumplings resembles the veil of a newly wed girl, the dulhin...............the dish actually is a yellow daal cooked with whole wheat dumplings which resembles a pasta in a soup dish. Gujratis call a version of such a lentil soup daal dhokli.

though arvind doesn't like it much, he is more for all those fancy looking recipes and this kind of recipes he can take very occasionally........so i try and make it with leftover plain daal for myself , cooking something of his choice for him, may be stuffed paratha or something fancy from previous day menu( i always make extra for him)......this way my healthfood routine is maintained and he gets to eat what he wants..........but then i have to make 3 types of food for three of us..food for mithi is always different................hmmmmm but if simple recipes are followed, it is less cumbersome...

this daal pithi has been like a comfort food for me cuz i like anything resembling soup and if there are some nibbles in the soup...........nothing like that, so i make it in different ways adding vegetables and sometimes stuffing the dumplings with different fillings and so on......

ingredients (for one dinner serving)

arhar or tur daal cooked with salt n turmeric powder 1 cup
spring onion 1 no.
broccoli 2 florets
baby corn 2 nos.
garlic 4 cloves
red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
jeera seeds 1/2 tsp
ghee 1/2 tsp
whole wheat flour kneaded with water( just enough to make 4 small thin roundels)


add 1 cup water to the already cooked daal or cook 1 tbsp of daal in 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker.
now chop all the vegetables in small pieces and put them all in a pan with the cooked daal n let them boil together .
make thin 3 inch diameter roundels from the dough and fold them like a dumpling.......pick up from four sides and join in the middle so that four loops are formed, looking like the viel of a dulhin.ha ha ha......
now put these dumplings into the boiling daal mixture when the veggies are half cooked....continue cooking for 3-4 minutes adding more water if needed, it should be like a soup.
finally for tadka, heat the ghee and jeera till brown n put in finely chopped garlic.....when garlic gets browned, put off the flame n add red chilly powder n pour over the daal mixture......serve hot .............am feeling hungry now......


  1. Thts a yummy soup Sangeeta..lots of greens ..:)

  2. Your dalpithi looks very delicious...one more thing....you have a little "OM" in your dish try to find out...its amazing..

  3. thanks dear....the Om is really very clear n i hadn't noticed it then...:D


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