aalu palak with spring onions

another green coming on the block, this is a simple stir fry which goes well with plain chapatis , is very tasty as a low cal veggie preparation..............moreover it is full of fiber and the goodness of fresh herbs.
aalu palak is my husband's fave sabzi and i keep doing innovations in it so that we can enjoy this subzi in many flavors..........as i believe in simple cooking, my recipes are always quick to make n this style of cooking comes to my rescue when i am engaged in so many things at the same time.

one thing i want to share here is that writing about what i cook in my kitchen here is more like a rejuvenating exercise for me , at least for now, for so many reasons i have been cut off from my own self for a long time and when i started writing this blog i hadn't even thought of taking pics n posting them with the recipes, it is only now that i started visiting so many awesome blogs that i feel how wonderful those photos look............but still cooking the food , serving it on the table , and clicking a pic by my cell phone cam is all i can do right now..................i have to do so much of multitasking that i can't even think of doing up a background or lighting or fancy crockery etc..........cuz being a virgo when i start doing something in detail it becomes something else..........i am shunning myself from that for a while and may be i manage to do all that...........actually varsha has initiated this worm wriggling in my head.............have to have to have to jerk my head hard...............ha ha ....

hey this recipe fulfills all my requirements.......healthy , tasty, quick and wholesome.........

potatoes cut in thick wedges 3 nos.( with skin on)
spinach leaves chopped roughly with all the stalks 2 cups
spring onion chopped 1 bulb plus the leaves
spring garlic or garlic greens 2 bulbs and the greens
green chillies 4-5 chopped finely
methi or fenugreek seeds 1 tsp
mustard oil 1 tsp
salt to taste


heat oil in a pan......i used my cast iron skillet........and put in the fenugreek seeds.
when it turns brown n aromatic add in the potato wedges and stir fry them on low flame , add salt and keep covered till half done , now put in the green chillies and garlic greens and keep stirring till it gets soft........(may be for 2 minutes).....adding the garlic greens later ensures it's aroma in the finished dish.
now add the chopped spinach with stalks and keep stir frying till all the greens wilt and get mushy........the stalks of spinach will get nice n slightly crunchy ........add chopped spring onions just 2 minuted prior to finishing so that it retains it's texture and aroma.......that's it , enjoy with chapatis, i like it with a tablespoon of brown rice too......a bowl full of it actually.


  1. I love those generous amount of greens in the aloo curry.

  2. Am cooking this one for lunch...... its 80% done and tastes yummy :) Ghar par paalak used to be always plain, with one more bhujia during lunch... Its not always possible to make two veggies for me, as I am working too... This is a nice variation with health and taste.. one question for you Sangeeta, ki my aloo started breaking while stirring after adding palak, because it was slightly more than half cooked and palak leaves water which made aloo little soggy while cooking.. How can I take care of this?

  3. Thanks P...it's such a yummy stir fry i know ...
    if you notice in the recipe the spinach is cooked just to make it wilted and the stalks are still a bit crunchy ..if you cook just like this with thick aalu wedges , it will not break .
    the aalu only is cooked till soft n done...the greens are still half done to preserve it's crunch n texture....i hope it helps you...


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