loosing some more weight

hey i am loosing some more weight eating all this healthy recipes, this is the first time i am sticking to my resolution to eat healthy for this long, and the results are encouraging me now, to loose more........i take out my weighing scales more often now and really thrilled to see the needle moving back, little at a time though, but i am not complaining.........i am not doing any regular exercise, just my household chores ........i think if i start spinning my cycle for even 20 minutes a day, the results can be better.........still i have to do it at my pace.....no hurry.
this way of eating is proving to reduce approximately 4 kg a month and i find it pretty good.

it may sound difficult to stick to it, but my focus is to make the recipes on less oil or no oil at all and still make it spicy...........spices keep the metabolic rate high................also i am using a lot of fibrous food which fills up the stomach and i don't feel starved, all the chutnys are making the food appetizing and interesting, so it never tastes bland and dull.

i am cooking the gravies and curries too for arvind , those dishes i am modifying for myself so that more fibre and low cal food is eaten along with that, like the rajma recipe i have posted.......more cabbage and carrots, more water, more green tea and of course a few more times...........i am following a 4-6 meal plan depending on the other commitments......each meal having 150 -200 Kcal, and an occasional snacking of haldiram bhujiya or gur ki chikki.

on the whole i am trying to eat foods which naturally have more water content and are high on nutrient value, i am thinking of providing nutrient value of all the foods too.

i am not starving myself and enjoying the food as i like this kind of spicy n light food, only nonveg food has taken a back seat for a while, though i am planning to make some momos and grilled fish and chicken etc...........let's see how i manage to continue loosing more weight.

i must say that this blog is motivating me enough to go on...........