chilla or savoury pancakes

chillas are low fat, easy to make and super can pack them with lots of vegetables, herbs, spices and the most interesting thing is that they can be made in carbohydrate rich or protein rich varieties..........this very fact makes the chillas so versatile that they can be made for a breakfast [ the carbohydrate rich one], for lunch[made with complex carbohydrates n lots of vegetables],or for in between meals snack for children.
chillas are my favorite simply because they are easy to make and nutritious and all my favourite vegetables can be accommodated in it, and moreover, every time i can whip up a new variety...........i usually serve chillas with fresh chutny made with tomatoes, amla or coconut..............actually my purpose with chillas is that a lot of semi cooked vegetables inside the chilla are complemented with a chutny of fresh raw vegetables......this way it becomes a high fiber, low fat and filling meal.........chillas can be made like waffles if you have a waffle maker, it will be fully fat free.........i use my cast iron skillet or a nonstick appam chatty with lid to make fat free chillas.

mung daal chillas for breakfast

dhuli mung dal soaked overnight 1.5 cup
ginger 1 inch piece, shredded
green chillies 2
salt to taste
sunflower oil 2 tsp or less

make a paste of mung dal with all the ingredients[except oil] by grinding them in a should be a free pouring batter like that of dosa.

heat a nonstick dosa pan with a little brushing of oil and sprinkle water on hot the oil spreads all over the surface and the chilla doesn't stick to spread the batter with a ladle just like dosa....spread in circular motion, make it thin like dosa............wait till browned, fold into half..........serve hot with chutny. for making more chillas you need even lesser oil........if using the appam chatty, oil is neede only the first time, and afterwords the chillas can be made without gets cooked by putting the lid on and remains soft like a waffle...........while on the dosa tawa it becomes crispy.................if this chilla is made for a brunch or dinner, a filling of mashed paneer is very yummy.........served with chutny.

i usually make a chutny of ripe tomatoes, ginger garlic n green chillies............make the chutny in large quantity as it is so tasty that a bowlful of chuny can be consumed with just one chilla.........and just think about it, you can consume 2-3 ripe tomatoes in your need to take any juice and it is so filling that you are done for at least 6 hours [ a mid morning snack of a whole fruit is advised by dietitians ]


  1. Hi Sangeeta,
    I made this on the weekend, we both loved it. I also prepared everthing fresh in the was so lightweight on the stomach ate 3-4 chillas each and it didnt feel heavy at all unlike other chillas....
    At my home during navmi dry mung daal and rice is prepared, it is prepared only once every year and i used to wait for it the whole year, i just loved it...later i started asking my mom to prepare it outside of festival as well....:-) the thing is i am not a rice eater, i like rice this way , curd rice, and leftover rice fried in the morning with lots of onions....
    I am planning to try your daliya uttapam next week....I love the southindian utthapam, let me make it healthy way now....:)

  2. Thanks crazy....
    these chillas are very light n yummy , n my daughter used to love it when she could eat properly.

    Daliya uttapam is very good too and it is one of the most popular recipes here.......i make it quite often myself.

  3. yummmmmmmmm....... tried these for bfast..... Have also tried the ones with green mung and palak chilla, and loved all of them.... aur tamatar ki chutney ke toh kya kahne ..... bilkul lajawab hai :)

  4. Thanks Puja for this precious genuine feedback ...i thrive on this here.
    and yes , the tamatar ki chutny is special n so healthy.


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