cabbage fritters

we can't eat fat free n low fat food all the time and want to binge out sometimes....this is a tricky situation and most of us fall in the trap...........that is when we want to eat the pakodas , we eat them in large quantities and the whole diet program goes for a toss, moreover when we are not in a habit to eat fried food for long, our digestive system also gets a overcome all this , i have devised a new way, i cook the pakodas first in the microwave and then fry the super hot pakodas in hot oil for just one minute and take out immediately.......this does not allow the pakodas to absorb more oil and the recipe qualifies to be a low fat it is.........


cabbage chopped finely1 cup
ginger, garlic , green chilly paste (equal quantities) 1 tbsp
haldi powder 1 tsp
ajwain seeds 1 tsp
green coriander chopped 2 tbsp
besan 1/2 cup
suji 1 tbsp
salt to taste
sunflower oil to deep fry


mix all the ingredients with a little water and make a mixture which can be shaped into balls.

make balls and arrange on a greased microwave safe dish with lid.
for 5-6 such balls, microwave for 3 minutes , meanwhile, keep the oil redy to fry and put in the balls as soon as it comes out of the microwave, which looks like this, interestingly it can be eaten as it is with chutny.when we fry the balls as soon as it comes out of the microwave, as it is already very hot, it takes less time to become brown n crisp on the outer side....the inside has been already cooked in the microwave.........take out the balls just after a minute and serve hot.

i served it with green chutny and amla is the recipe....

green chutny

grind together 1 cup of green coriander with all the stalk, and ginger, green chillies and a few garlic cloves......mix salt and lemon juice and it is ready to serve.

amla chutny

i keep amla preserved in 15% salt which i use to make this chutny in the picture.
grind equal quantities of preserved amla, garlic and whole red chillies to make a fine paste n it is ready.


  1. This is a very quick and no fuss recipie...ready in a jiffy and very tasty too....and I was very impressed with the idea to microwave the fritters before frying

  2. i had guests over today and made 3 items all from your was this cabbage fritters which was a last moment decision after i came to know that they were stuck in traffic..other than this i made dhokla (following your process to the T and i was successful in my 3rd 2nd attempt was a GITS one...but after tasting this one today i will never go to GITS option:) ) and pasta my version plus yours combined :) . What I do extra with my pasta is: 1) I add one big onion in the beginning cut lengthwise (long ones). 2) readymade tomato and basil pasta sauce (I dont get good khatta tomatoes here and add this for gravy plus tanginess) 3) few canned black olives (because i just love them) and vinegar. so here are my crazy ideas.....i have to give you credit your recipes are really quick :) thanks for this blog !!

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  4. Thanks Crazy.
    Not only for trying the recipe but for the wonderful feedback too ...this is what keeps me going here.

    about the minor adjustments in the recipes , it so very important to treat the food to your exact taste , my recipes are anyways flexible and i emphasize more on the procedures to make the food nutritious n tasty ...


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