aalu methi

my husband likes potatoes in any form and i keep thinking about potato dishes which are low on fat and high on fibre n other mineral-vitamins etc.this aalu methi dish has been a perennial favorite with both of us and winters are the season to eat this in our country........the newly harvested potatoes n the freshest methi possible.........that is what makes this dish so special aromatic n yummy..........easy to make if you are assisted by a microwave n a food processor or a blender-chopper like mine........


small potatoes boiled in microwave -10-12
methi leaves finely choped 1 cup
soya bhaji [dill leaves] 1/2 cup [optional]
green chilies 4 or more
garlic 10 cloves or more
ginger 1 inch piece
onion finely chopped 1/2 cup
tomatoes finely chopped 1/2 cup
coriander,cumin n black pepper powder 1 tsp each
amchoor powder 1 tsp or more
whole jeera seeds 1tsp
oil 1 tbsp

cut the potatoes in halves or big pieces, it is better to use microwaved potatoes because they are dry n need less oil to fry...if not using microwave then boil the potatoes first in pressure cooker with the skin, then keep in the fridge for at least 2-3 hrs so that they become a bit hard, this way they need less oil to fry...more over when we cook potatoes with skin,the essential minerals n vitamins come into the flesh from the skin............then we peel the skin n use it accordingly.

finely chop the ginger,garlic,greenchillies n onions together in the chopper [i save time ]....meanwhile heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan, put in whole jeera n when it crackles, add in the above, give it a good stir n then put in the cubed stir fry this on a medium or low flame untill the potatoes become roasted n well coated with the masala ..........add in the chopped tomatoes n keep frying till a dry masala coated bhaji is prepared............for saving efforts this mixture can be grilled...just mix everything thoroughly, spread on an ovenproof plate n grill untill golden add in the chopped greens n the amchoor powder, mix thoroughly.......n grill untill dry...............the aroma is amazing...........if cooking in the pan just keep stirring on medium heat untill dry n aromatic.............serve hot.

sometimes when there are fussy guests who like the oily n creamy stuff , i just add a generous amount of fresh cream to this dish, then microwave it for 2 mins and a sinful methi malai aalu is served to them.

i like the dry aalu methi with plain can be served with a main course or a side dish.

methi aalu the other way

methi chopped roughly 3 cups
potatoes boiled and diced 1 cup
ginger 1 inch piece, chopped fine
garlic 6 cloves, chopped fine
green chillies chopped fine, as per taste
tomatoes chopped roughly , 2 large
dhaniya, jeera and pepper powder 1 tsp each
haldi powder 1 tsp
whole jeera 1 tsp
mustard or sunflower oil 1 tsp


heat oil in a pan and splutter jeera into it.......then the ginger, garlic, green chillies.....stir for a while, and then put in the potatoes and the powder masalas with salt.........keep stirring on a medium heat till the potatoes become pinkish brown.........add the chopped tomatoes.stir until they wilt n then add the chopped methi leaves n cook stirring for a minute or two.....the methi leaves should just be's very aromatic and nutritious..... serve hot with rotis .
aalu methi

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