zucchini stir fry

this recipe is the simplest thing one can make in a jiffy, n is so attractive to look at.........it gives a happy contented eating experience ..........it is so healthy n low cal that when you are on a diet and that sinful khana seems like a dream............i prefer making something like this recipe , which is a visual treat and gives a filling experience...........i made it for lunch today n had a big bowl full of the veggies with a tablespoonful of brown rice...........managed to click these pics too.

one medium sized zucchini
one medium sized onion
one small potato
one big ripe tomato
salt n pepper to taste
sunflower oil 1 tsp

cut all the vegetables in equal sized dices n keep separately, only the potato should be cut in thinner slices cuz it takes longer to cook.
now heat oil in a pan n put in the potato slices, add in salt, cover n cook on low flame.
when potato slices are almost done then add in the onion and zucchini n cook on medium flame now..............these are not to be overcooked ........should become translucent n just cooked....a little crunch should be there when cooked, otherwise zucchini looses it's flavor n turns soggy.
put in the tomatoes in the end n stir for a while ....the tomatoes should just be wilted n not be mashed.
add the pepper n it is ready to serve........some red chilly flakes n oregano can be added in the last and it can be stirred with boiled spaghetti.