zero oil daal palak

this is my favorite through the winters and i can have it alone as a meal.

palak with all the stalk chopped fine in a processor-3 cup
tomatoes chopped as fine-1 cup
green chillies-3 to 4
garlic-10 to 12 cloves or more
ginger-2 inch pc
all these have to be chopped really fine as they need to be well blended with the dal
tuvar or arhar dal 1/4 cup
massor dal 1/8 cup salt and turmeric powder to taste

wash the dals together and put all the things together in pressure cooker with 2 cups water
cook for 5-6 minuts after first whistle.....dal should be well cooked and blended with the palak etc
the dal is ready to eat without any tempering or tadka
my husband likes this with a generous spoonful of ghee with it, but any which way it is a tasty and nutritious dish.