zero carb mung and mushroom soup

some times when i want to eat a light dinner but don't want to compromise on taste i make a nutritious soup which gives absolute pleasure without being heavy on digestive system or even on my calorie count. i make several of such soups...the one i made yesterday for dinner is here corn flour is used...

mung daal 2 tbsp
onions 2 small
button mushrooms 100gm
garlic 5pods or more
soy sauce 1tbsp
green chilly sauce 1tbsp
salt and pepper to taste
butter 1tsp

boil the mung daal with 1 cup water in pressure cooker until very soft.when cold, blend it well with a hand blender.....keep aside.
finely chop the onion garlic and mushrooms separately in a food processor or in a hand blender attachment.
now heat a pan with butter, put onion garlic together and saute' until they get translucent
add the chopped mushrooms and saute' on high heat until it leaves water
add salt n pepper to taste,chilly n soy sauce too, mix well and pour in the blended mung daal with 2cup more water...let it boil for 2-3 minutes and serve hot with garlic bread sticks