methi pulao .........i made it with daliya today

in one of my food communities i saw one sapna had mentioned about methi rice ,since she had mentioned it along with lemon rice and tamarind rice etc., it appeared like one of those south indian rice preparations[not to mention i like all things south indian].........but being the green maniac that i am, i just requested her to share the recipe and she obliged......though she had used kassori methi, the recipe looked interesting and as i like methi soooo very much, i had to try it...........i could not resist to make some changes though and it turned out to be a real awsome recipe with an almost intoxicating aroma.

i thanked sapna for her recipe and anybody trying my improved recipe will thank me too, i am sure.

fresh methi leaves chopped very fine in a food processor-2 cups tightly filled
fresh green peas 2cup
tomatoes chopped as above 1 cup
onions chopped as above1 cup
garlic-12-15 cloves[less if don't like the strong flavor]
ginger-2 inch piece
green chillies 4-5 or more
all these have to be chopped really fine or made into a paste
green and black cardamom-one each
jeera-2 tsp
star anise-2
siyah jeera 1tsp
dalchini 1 inch piece
laung cloves 5-6
black peppercorns 10
garam masala powder 2 tsp
turmeric powder 1 tsp
salt to taste
rice half a cup and water around 1.25 cup to cook the rice

oil refined 2-3 tbsp[less or more as per choice]

it serves 2-3 people and in my recipe the amount of methi is about 3-4 times more than that of rice............yummm..


a nonstick deep pan with tight lid is what i used but any deep pan with tight lid appropriate to make biryani is well suited...or may be a pressure cooker..

heat oil and put in all the whole masalas...let them crackle a bit....then add the chopped onions and ginger-garlic-green chillies and stir fry till it all turns pink...on high heat ....put in the powder masalas,salt and after a while, the tomatoes ..keep stirring for 5 minutes then add the methi and peas and cook covered for 5 minutes...stirring in between twice on medium heat....

meanwhile start heating a tawa on the other burner

pour in the water and wait till it comes to add the rice...mix well , let it boil again ...lower the heat and cook covered till almost done[water absorbed but the rice a bit "al dante"] place the pot on the hot tawa for about 10 minutes.

by this time the aroma is irresistible and every body will be hungry.
serve with plain curd and papad.

i replaced roasted daliya with the rice today and the result was equally yummy............i am feeling hungry again..


  1. Hey Sangeeta I must say ur 'Methi Pulav' recipe sounds very Delicious & Healthy...sure shot I will give it a try!!

  2. Wow, must give this a try.And Godhumai pongal is my attempt at replacing rice with dalia, it does taste like rice-mung dal pongal.


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