green snack balls

Good home cooked food means toiling in the kitchen for hours ....i hate this i decided to experiment with simple ,quick recipes which in my case becomes very very unconventional.

after years of cooking now,i learnt that for saving time in the kitchen you need to be intelligent while preparations and of course a well stocked fridge.....also a few handy gadgets save you a lot of time and energy.I'll keep on posting about all that in the future..

this recipe of green snack balls is very unconventional, easy, nutritious and tasty.most interestingly its preparations can be stored in the fridge for a week.......

chana dal soaked-1cup or besan3/4cup
daliya or broken wheat3/4cup
coriander leaves finely chopped 1.5cup
mint or dill leaves or both as per taste 1cup
green chillies and ginger finely chopped 2tbsp each
haldi powder 1tsp and salt n pepper to taste
veg refined oil 1tsp,hing a pinch,jeera 1 tsp

grind the chana dal to make a smooth paste or add 1cup water to besan to make a paste
add daliya in this and leave overnight in the fridge to make the daliya soft
when preparing...add the remaining ingredients to make a dough,add more water if needed
make small bite sized balls with the mixture and arrange on a greased microwave safe plate
a plate full of around 20 balls will take 5 minuts to cook on high if covered
heat a tsp of oil in a nonstick pan and temper with a pinch of hing and a tsp of jeera....shallow fry the green balls in it for a while and keep tossing for 3 to 4 minuts
serve hot with chutny or sauce of your choice

the balls can be steamed in a colander if not using microwave.

it can be stored in the fridge either as a dough mix or microwaved balls which can be shallow fried at the time of serving

it can be a great tea time snack or can be served with soup to make a complete meal.