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Native Australian Spices and Herbs : Some Recipe Suggestions

Spices and herbs are the lifeline of any cuisine. The way each cuisine of the world had been using spices and herbs, is a wonder that unfolds with each bite we relish with our senses. The classic flavor combinations have been time tested and it is not so much of a surprise that each one of the classic flavor combinations is good for health as well in terms of micronutrients and assimilation of nutrients in general.    Last month I received a spice box from Foodie Trails and Australia Tourism and the contents were really interesting. Seeing some tart fruit powders like Davidson Plum, Kakadu Plum, Quandang Peach, Finger Lime etc reminded me of how we use our anardana, amchoor, berchoor (yes, the powder of tart red zuzubes) and even crushed apricots that one finds in Leh markets. I was wondering if we could get tamarind, kokum and even elephant apple powders processed so beautifully.    The spice box had a few myrtle varieties too and I was amazed to see how potent flavor each one is. Tha

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