Raw or semi cooked vegetables add good quality fiber to your meals, apart from all the minerals and Vitamins being available generously. Salads, mashed up boiled vegetable with a tasty dressing and chutneys made from liquefied raw greens or semi cooked vegetables is a great way to include the required amount of vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. Including five good servings of fruits and vegetables is easier this way.

Some great chutneys are listed separately in this section. If made with lesser heat for chilly peppers, chutneys can be had in large amounts, about a cup per serving to make it easy to include prescribed servings of greens and vegetables. Rich with antioxidants.

Please note that chutneys are not just the sweet n sour n hot mango chutney made famous as the Indian chutney by the western world. Indian chutneys are a lot more.

  1. Three chutneys: Tomato-garlic, Spinach-coconut and a spring onion-fenugreek chutney
  2. Two salads with Radish
  3. Baby Spinach salad with Sweet lime and Pistachios 
  4. Radish pods and walnuts in a yogurt base salad 
  5. Guava salad , chaat style 
  6. Radish and walnuts in a yogurt base dip/salad
  7. Water chestnut salad with corn,peanuts and sprouts 
  8. Green beans and Hummus
  9. Cherry tomatoes and chickpeas salad
  10. Sweet potato salad with Pumpkin seeds and grapefruit
  11. Mashed bitter guards: bharta or salad
  12. Fruits salad with Honey and Raisins 
  13. Mango, mint and berry salad 
  14. Red bell pepper salsa: salad, sauce or a dip 
  15. Raw Zucchini raita/salad with yogurt 
  16. Hummus and Broccoli
  17. Chickpeas chaat/salad for a meal
  18. Potato salad with Dill and mustard dressing
  19. Sweet potatoes and Water chestnut salad
  20. Corn kernels for salads and more
  21. Sweet corn kernels in a green masala 
  22. Peaches and mint salad
  23. Fruits chaat/salad desi style
  24. Chickpeas sprouts and greens salad 
  25. Red Cabbage salad in a mustard dressing
  26. Tomato salsa with Arugula 
  27. Glazed Carrots salad with Walnut, Sesame and Lemon 
  28. Pear and Grapefruit salad with Pistachios
  29. North eastern Grapefruit salad 
  30. Simple fruit salad without dressing 
  31. Minty lemon Cucumber salad
  32. Healthy Cottage cheese salad 
  33. Tomato mashed salsa or Bharta Indian style

Chutneys ...

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