One pot meals

Each of our meals needs to be wholesome nutritionally and satiating to the senses.

Low fat and low carb can be your preference if you are watching these two components for some or the other reason. I am emphasising on carbs and fats more because 'low fat' and 'low carb diets' are the most used and abused terms during health and  nutrition discussions.

Generally, we should choose complex carbohydrates from whole grains and millets as they prevent insulin spiking up in your blood suddenly and later making you feel famished again, like the simple and processed carbohydrates do. So keeping the processed and simple carbs minimal is a good idea, ditching them altogether is great.

Fats are essential for our metabolism as the fat soluble Vitamins would be absorbed only when we include fats in our diet. Good fats are required for many of our metabolic functions and brain nourishment. A healthy balance of OMG-3 and OMG-6 is also crucial. We need to get rid of all the trans fats and other toxic fats which mostly come in the form of refined vegetable oils.

Normally a healthy amount of good fats like butter, Ghee, Olive oil, Mustard oil, Peanut and Sesame oil etc are better to be included in our daily meals. Sometimes you might like to choose a low fat diet just to balance out a fat heavy meal the previous day. Most of the recipes here are low on fat and high on other essential nutrients.

  1. A khichdi with broccoli and spring onions
  2. Steamed lentil dumplings with lots of greens  
  3. A spinach,tofu and sweet lime salad for lunch 
  4. Mixed sprouts and fenugreek greens biryani with raita
  5. A red lentil soup, a cabbage stir fry and chapati made quickly
  6. A water chestnut, corn and peanuts salad for lunch
  7. Dhokli kadhi with plain rice or chapatis
  8. Thukpa and Momos 
  9. Multigrain khichdi with lots of vegetables
  10. Tabbouleh recipe for Indian taste buds
  11. Mutton dalcha 
  12. red lentil and red rice khichdi
  13. Chicken and egg fried rice
  14. Sesame and fenugreek green rice
  15. Spring onions and carrots paratha (flat breads)
  16. Daliya (broken wheat) pilaf with dill greens
  17. A Focaccia bread made on griddle
  18. Broccoli, mung and barley in a one pot meal
  19. Chick pea and cherry tomato salad for lunch
  20. Barley with mushroom and peas, cooked pasta style 
  21. Eggs fried rice with Bok choy
  22. Mung tofu spring rolls 
  23. Daal roti and okra stir fry meal 
  24. Macaroni cheese and veggies, all the taste and all the health 
  25. Mixed vegetable pulao, how much vegetables for rice?
  26. Beet greens saag with makki ki roti
  27. Broccoli and barley one pot meal
  28. Multi grain dosa with two healthy chutneys
  29. Ragi dosa with two quick chutneys
  30. Ragi and soy yogurt uttapam
  31. Chickpeas chaat for breakfast or a meal
  32. Multi grain khichdi with an eggplant mash
  33. Pasta made healthy with vegetables 
  34. Corn oats whole wheat paratha with herbs 
  35. Mung tahiri with vegetables
  36. Onions stuffed parathas
  37. Spaghetti in basil pesto made with almonds and flax seeds 
  38. Horse gram uttapam and a refreshing chutney
  39. Zucchini daal with rice or chapatis
  40. Chickpeas sprouts in a green salad for lunch
  41. Cauliflowers and broccoli paratha
  42. Pasta with barley and assorted vegetables 
  43. Buckwheat and tomato soup 
  44. Pasta with mushrooms and spinach
  45. Green mung bean dosa with tomato chutney
  46. Fenugreek and dill greens curried rice with sweet corn 
  47. Healthy pao bhaji made from scratch
  48. Plain dosa with chutney 
  49. Radish and cornmeal paratha (flat breads)
  50. Daliya poori , fried flat breads made healthy 
  51. Fiber rich barley dosa
  52. Barley in pasta sauce and corn mung cutlets
  53. Daliya uttapam
  54. Macaroni and baby corn in fresh basil tomato sauce
  55. Tofu scramble in pita pockets
  56. Mixed whole grains and chickpea salad
  57. Barley and vegetables khichdi 
  58. Baby corn and broken wheat in a one pot meal
  59. Chukandar bhare kulche(flat breads stuffed with beets)
  60. Brussels sprouts with couscous, one pot meal
  61. Daliya tahiri
  62. Daal pithi (dumplings in a lentil soup)
  63. lasuni bathua paratha with a daal amla chutney

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