All the recipes are cooked in minimal oils. No deep frying but some use liberal amounts of healthy oils or ghee. And most of them a meal by themselves.

  1. Pink Salmon scrambled with sun dried cherry tomatoes
  2. Fish fry in hot peppery spice mix 
  3. Thai style chicken mince curry
  4. Hainanese chicken and rice, a soup and a chicken mince cutlet
  5. Hungarian chicken goulash 
  6. Motton dalcha
  7. Chicken rezala
  8. Chicken and eggs fried rice
  9. Chicken stew mughlai style
  10. Chicken in a creamy white gravy
  11. Citrus chicken Indo-Thai style
  12. Herbed chicken with cashew nuts 
  13. Lemon chicken
  14. Murgh methi malai/chicken in a creamy fenugreek gravy
  15. Low fat butter chicken recipe
  16. Low fat Indo-chinese chili chicken
  17. Chicken Kaali mirch
  18. Mutton stew mughlai style
  19. Garlicky fish fry
  20. Kashmiri Gushtaba 
  21. Cauliflower roast with mutton mince/ keema gobi musallam
  22. Shami kabab
  23. One step mutton stew
  24. Mirchi gosht/chilly garlic mutton
  25. Mutton liver masala fry with curry patta
  26. Keema matar/ green peas and mutton mince curry
  27. Steamed mustard fish wrapped in banana leaves
  28. Chicken dopyaza
  29. Grilled chicken tikka
  30. Mutton liver in coriander greens paste
  31. Fish in mustard gravy
  32. Hot red chilly fried fish
  33. Mutton stew 

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