Healthy snacks

I recommend fresh fruits and some vegetables crudites for snacking most of the times. Fruit smoothies and spritzers are great when you have a few minutes to whip them up.

I find a bowl of plain fresh yogurt quite filling when hungry between the meals.

Nuts are a great choice when on the go.

There are times when we need something ready in a jar or in the fridge so a small hunger pang can be satiated without making us miserable till the next meal time. Some other times we need to carry a few ready snacks when we travel. Those granola bars will be great for such occasions.

I hope this list is helpful for you. I will keep updating the list as I post new recipes.

  1. Homemade granola or choorma ke laddoo
  2. Fresh fruit yogurt 
  3. Mango poha for summers ..a snack or a breakfast dish
  4. Flax seeds and coconut granola
  5. Whole wheat-Oats-banana-chocolate-walnuts-Olive oil muffins topped with nutella
  6. Whole wheat Olive oil eggless cake with Nectarines 
  7. A protein rich, low sugar mithai(Sondesh). Quick recipe
  8. Steam cooked lentil dumplings
  9. Stuffed steamed masala dumplings 
  10. Chickpeas flour diamonds, a spicy savory cake
  11. Watermelon spritzer 
  12. Fruit yogurt
  13. Flax seeds and coconut granola
  14. Sesame brittle
  15. Home made desi granola using leftover milled flatbreads
  16. Steamed lentil dumplings with greens
  17. Baked oatmeal with pumpkin
  18. A brown Ragi millet cake 
  19. Sesame burfee and Chickpeas flour burfee
  20. Guava salad for a detox snack
  21. Whole wheat and wheat bran Banana bread
  22. Whole wheat and whole fruit, spiced Apple cake
  23. Chewy Oats cookies with sesame and nuts
  24. Healthy snacks made using corn
  25. Poached eggs in a spinach blanket
  26. Dates laddoo with flax seeds and sesame
  27. Healthy fiber rich handvo
  28. Chewy oats and nuts cookies
  29. Hummus with vegetable crudites
  30. Colocasia leaves patra, rolled savory snack
  31. Home made namkeens

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