Egg recipes

Eggs are versatile and easily affordable ingredient. The most important staple a family should stock appropriately I believe. I cook with eggs very frequently just because they are a complete food and can be adapted to my day to day mood easily. Availability of spices and vegetables is not an issue as I experiment a lot with whatever is available. Take a look at all the eggs recipes I have posted till now...

  1. Cheese and herbs omelet
  2. Boiled eggs and a tangy filling with Curly Lettuce salad/meal
  3. Cheese omelet with refreshing flavors
  4. Eggs and Celery curried scramble
  5. Boiled eggs and greens chapati rolls for breakfast/quick meals
  6. Chicken and eggs fried rice
  7. Eggs fried rice with Bok choy
  8. Spanish omelet with Zucchini, Onions and Potatoes
  9. Many ways with eggs and Broccoli for breakfast
  10. Eggs and Drumstick leaves bhurji/scramble
  11. Poached eggs in a spinach blanket
  12. Veggie scrambled eggs 
  13. Desi style eggs bhurji

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