Thursday, September 9, 2010

daliya upma ...a great way to a healthy breakfast cereal....

 Daliya is cracked wheat and is an excellent Indian breakfast cereal . Cooked with milk and sugar to taste it was a daily bowl of breakfast when we were growing up . I remember my mom would place a large pot of boiling milk on gas stove and throw in some ghee roasted daliya in it , this would cook for about an hour and the result was a yummy kheer like daliya . I still make that sweet version of daliya but personally i like a savory breakfast . Arvind has also grown up eating that sweet daliya and he still loves it over any savory version so i have devised a simpler way so that he can have his sweet daliya and i can have my savory daliya for the same breakfast .

Daliya takes time to cook as it is a completely raw wheat product . I roast the daliya with a tsp or two ( for 500 gm daliya ) and keep it in an airtight container for a month or so. about 3 tbsp of daliya is enough to serve two , so i soak the said quantity in water for an hour or so . Water should just cover the surface of daliya .
The soaked daliya is then microwaved for 2 minutes, covered. It gets cooked like couscous , may be a bit sticky but that can be taken care of while cooking further.

Now half of this cooked daliya is further cooked with milk and sugar in a larger bowl inside the microwave , sometimes topped with some fresh cream and later with chopped bananas too. This is a breakfast for the sweet tooth.

The other half is cooked in a kadai like upma . A medium chopped onion , a medium sized chopped tomatoes , one chopped green chilly and lots of chopped curry patta . Full of antioxidants and fiber to start the day with .....

Heat 1 tsp of ghee and throw in everything except daliya , sprinkle salt over it and stir fry till everything is mushed up a bit , add the cooked daliya and mix well till it looks like upma . Finish with pepper powder and it's ready within minutes......all of the ingredients can be mixed together and microwaved for another couple of minutes and the result is almost the same ( except the aroma of roasted onions and tomatoes )............

This kind of daliya upma or a tahiri as it resembles a rice tahiri in appearance is liked by the husband for dinner as he says it doesn't look like breakfast to him . So if it is for dinner we love to have it together with a bowl of fresh curds ...

Other savory daliya recipes on my blog...

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Hope you start including daliya in your meals with a smile on your face .... i know many of us have daliya like a medicine and i want to make it a happier meal for all .


  1. Hi Sangeeta,

    a good breakfast indeed...Do visit my bog...iam a new blogger!!


  2. Adding bananas sounds good. Must try it. Nice presentation.

  3. Sangeeta,
    That is one healthy meal..Here we do get something similar called cous-cous..and all I can say is that is instant dalia..let me try it with that..thanks for sharing
    hugs and smiles

  4. A healthy and delicious breakfast.. Love the addition of bananas

  5. Thanks for those tips on cooking Daliya dear, I will try your method out. Love the recipes :)

  6. an excellent twist with upma! Love that shot too!

  7. A very healthy and yummy breakfast!

  8. A healthy and yummy breakfast! I could even have them for the lunch!

  9. This is wonderful sangeetha... I like the array of things that u have made with daliya. This is answer to nutritious dinner ideas that i am always short of.

  10. only yesterday, i made craked wheat upma. this taste better than oats upma..

  11. Thanks all of you lovely ladies...

    @ Devasena... i know oats becomes glue like when cooked for upma , roasting is of little help and the taste is definitely better with daliya.

  12. Wow-I've never had a breakfast quite like it! It sounds delicious!

  13. Healthy and colourful

  14. I love dalia-now you've given me so many recipes to try with it :)

  15. wow nice healthy upda sangeeta, vl try it sun as i love dalia

  16. Daliya pr broken wheat is said to be very helpful for the diet and very nutritious too.thanks for the sweet and salty recipes...I make both though a little differently will surely try these.