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kadhai mushroom recipe made low fat

Kadhai cooking is a purely Indian way of cooking curries where a mix of spices is first stir fried into an iron skillet and then shallow fried veggies are added to the masala mixture. Everything is then cooked for a while and, finished with a lot of butter, cream and dried kasoori methi. This special finishing gives the dish a unique aroma reminiscent of restaurant food.

This kadhai mushroom recipe has all that aromatic goodness, just the extra cream and fat has been cut down from this curry, the taste is still great. The restaurants make it unnecessarily rich and oily, this low fat version of home made kadhai mushroom takes just about 20 minutes to make if you are serving 3-4 people.

kadhai mushroom recipe made low fat

The kadhai cooked vegetables were always cooked in much simpler way in homes but now that everyone wants to replicate the taste of the restaurant food, we sometimes feel a bit under pressure when serving to house guests.

It is a complement when someone says the food tastes exactly like the xyz restaurant although it makes me feel a bit sad. We should be respecting our simpler home cooking better as the taste of each curry is so unique it should not be compared to the restaurant food normally loaded with cream, butter and spices. But then it is a great change sometimes to cook restaurant like food at home, sans all the fat.

The same procedure and spices are used to make the kadhai paneer and kadhai murgh etc too, the cooking time may vary according to the time taken by the ingredients being cooked. Like chicken will take longer to cook but paneer and mushrooms can be made quickly just like this recipe. But if you use boneless chicken cut into thin strips it takes lesser time.

kadhai mushroom recipe made low fat

(2-4 servings depending on other side dishes)

button mushrooms 200 gms cleaned and chopped in quarters
green capsicum 1, diced into square pieces, seeds discarded
chopped onions 1 cup, diced in small pieces
garlic paste 1 tbsp
ginger paste 1 tbsp
crushed coriander seeds 1 tsp
cumin seeds 1 tsp
everyday curry powder
turmeric powder 1 tsp
crushed cinnamon and crushed green cardamom 1/2 tsp each
garam masala powder 1 tsp
red chilly powder 2 tsp or to taste
fresh tomato puree 1 cup
kasoori methi 3 tsp, crushed
light fresh cream 2 tbsp
milk up to 1/4 cup if required
mustard oil or any oil of choice 1 tsp
salt to taste


Heat 1 tsp oil in a kadhai, throw in the crushed coriander seeds and cumin seeds and let them splutter. Add the chopped onions, lower the heat and add the salt.

Stir fry till onions are light brown, add the ginger and garlic paste and the powder spices, mix properly and cook covered, stirring occasionally on low heat. This is to fry the masala in less oil and to keep the aromas intact. You can add more oil if you wish and make the process a bit faster.

Water can be sprinkled in between stirring to prevent burning that may happen when you use less oil in such curries. Add the tomato puree as soon as the masala mix gets aromatic and let it simmer and cook for 4-5 minutes.

Now add the mushrooms and capsicum, mix well and cook covered for 2-3 minutes. Stir well and add the kassori methi and cream. Add a little milk to adjust consistency if required.

Mix well and take the kadhai off heat. Keep the kadhai covered for a few minutes to get the kassori methi flavor seep into the whole dish.

kadhai mushroom recipe made low fat

Serve hot with naan or thin hot chapatis.

Kadhai mushroom or kadhai paneer are the most popular curries that the vegetarians want to serve to guests if they are not serving butter paneer or matar paneer. I mean green vegetables are not considered special somehow and paneer and mushrooms come to the rescue but I am not complaining.

Kadhai mushroom has been a favourite for many many years since we started making this back home following a Tarla Dalal recipe. In the last decades we have adapted this kadhai mushroom to our taste. Try it and let me know if you like.

stirfried zuchhini in my smily bowl

zuchhini is one of the negative calorie food there are many other vegetables , mostly the guard n squash family.........all of these veggies have high water content n a lot of good fiber.....soluble fibre detoxify our body n wipes away the bad cholesterol.........moreover if they are cooked in their own juices like in a know how good they are to replenish the body with minerals n vitamins n to take away the's a good idea to include one such vegetable in each meal either in the form of a salad or a stirfry.....soups n stews are also smart ways to include these in our diet......
this time it is a stirfry with zuchhini........i find myself serving this in my smily bowls...i bought these bowls for mithi to cheer her up a long time they cheer me too sometimes......
keep smiling.......

as all my stirfry veggies, this one is quick too.......just a change of the seasonings n herbs and a new version of sizzling stirfry is can be eaten as it is or with chapati or bread.......

cut the zuchhinis lengthwise n then into 1" a tsp of hot oil, throw in some chopped dry red chillies and a lot of crushed garlic..then goes the zuchhini batons and chopped onions...........stirfry on high heat ( in a heavy bottomed pan)........salt n pepper is added when the zuchhini starts getting translucent.........ready within 5 minutes........

i like cooking zuchhini more because it doesn't need peeling n coring n the cutting n chopping is minimal.......easier to cook n tasty too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

egg bhurji with mixed cereal roti

this is anytime meal for it breakfast, lunch or dinner..........includes a fairly large amount of veggies and my fav mixed cereal roti..........moreover the eggs.....the all time easy-tasty ever versatile ingredient.........fits my bill on all accounts.......

who doesn't like scrambled eggs......but for me it should always have veggies in it.......arvind likes it with tomatoes..........and i have to have it with all sorts of greens .........well this may be exaggerated....there are some veggies which go very well with scrambled eggs.......and i have to add the veggies in large amounts..........

i just thrown in green chillies,spring onions, zuchhini, and capsicum in a tsp of ghee ( i like ghee) stir fried them for 2 minutes and break one egg into it.....salt n pepper and stir it slowly to let the egg settle in large clots.......stir a few times on medium heat ......the veggies should remain a bit crunchy n not overcooked.........and serve hot with mixed cereal bread or roti..............................
.......... as i did......wholesome and fibre rich meal........add an extra dash of green chillies n black pepper ............and i like it with a tall glass of thin buttermilk.........

my mixed cerial roti has wheat , ragi or finger millet, jau or oats, jowar or cluster millet, cornmeal, bajra or pearl milletand soyabean( actually i use the solid leftover after making soya milk at home).
all thes flours are added in equal amounts ,made into a dough with the help of water , rolled into rotis ( results into little thick n rough rotis) and baked on a tawa or iron griddle........this is surely a satisfying meal which counters your cravings like nothing else..........

kothimbir wadi recipe | how to make kothimbir wadi in microwave and steamer

 Kothimbir or kothmir is the Gujrati and Marathi name for coriander greens or cilantro, in Hindi we know it as dhaniya patta. This steamed dumpling with coriander greens and chickpea flour is a healthy and filling snack and can be a meal in itself if required.

Packed with aromatic flavours of coriander greens, this recipe of kothimbir wadi is low on glycemic index both because it uses gluten free gram flour and a lot of chopped coriander greens. This can be eaten steamed or deep fired or shallow fried with a tempering of sesame, mustard seeds and curry patta etc.

Now about this wonderful recipe of kothimbir wadi, kothmir wadi or dhaniya patta wadi, or whatever you call it. It could be a dumpling made with any herb but the traditional Maharashtrian version is made with coriander greens, hence the name. I had once saw it on Karen Anand's show, Angad Bedi was the show host and I liked the way he cooked it, completely at ease.

He steamed the kothimbir wadi over a pot of boiling water as is done traditionally and then deep fried it to serve as a snack. I made a small but significant change, cooked it in microwave and served it without frying. It was so delicious that we always eat it steamed, only the leftovers are cubed and shallow fried later for a tea time snack.

Also I make it with soaked chana dal instead of besan most of the times as it gives a better texture. Many times I use mung dal with skin for making mung kothimbir wadis too.


soaked chana dal 1 cup
garlic cloves  10 nos.
whole dried red chillies 4 nos.
ginger 2 inch piece
salt n pepper to taste
turmeric powder 1 tsp
chopped coriander leaves 3 cups packed or as much the mixture can accommodate


First of all pulse the red chillies, garlic and ginger in your grinder so that they are coarsely ground. Green chillies can be used but I like the color of the red chillies sprinkled into the wadis, choice is your's. After this put in the soaked dal, salt-pepper n turmeric powder into the grinder and give it another pulse to make a coarse paste.

Take out in a mixing bowl and throw in the chopped coriander leaves, mix well, shape into small rounds or oblong cutlet shapes, arrange in a microwave safe bowl with lid and microwave for 3 minutes for 3 -4 wadis. Or just shape them into flat patties and steam in idli steamer.

Repeat to make more wadis. Serve hot with or without chutney.

Good with tea........the texture of coriander leaves n aroma of the herbs and chillies is something to die for. It is very tasty and chatpata, can be made in bulk and  stored in fridge for a week.

Reheat in microwave to serve.  Or deep fry if you feel like.  But these can be shallow fried in nonstick pan or tempered with some mustard seeds, sesame seeds and chillies like this..

See how I like it served with kanji wada as a meal.

Sometimes I do a cheats job with the kothimbir wadis, when there are some unexpected guests visiting as is so common in our country, I just cut it in cubes or thick slices and deep fry and dip in a masala gravy. This curry made with kothimbir wadi goes well with rice and a dry side dish and the usual accompaniments....

Or just have the kothimbir wadis as a tea time snack..

Very versatile when it comes to serving suggestions with kothimbir wadi.

Enjoy it steamed, shallow fried, deep fried or even curried. And make such wadis using any greens you like. This kind of wadis or steamed dumplings taste great with dill greens and fenugreek greens to.

Monday, March 23, 2009

tinda stirfry

this is another stirfry of tinda which is as fresh as a salad and can be made in minutes..........just quarter the tindas......tip into a tsp of hot oil.....cut a few dry red chillies over it with scissors....throw in chopped onions.......salt n pepper n stir fry for about 6-7 is ready to eat as it is........i had it with my mixed cerial roti cooked n served like a pita bread.........after stuffing it into the roti, eat immediately...........he he.....thats why no pics of that...

healthy n wholesome.........taste it to believe it.........these recipes are handy when others in the family want a heavier meal n you don't have much time to cook for yourself separately....this ready in a jiffy..

tinda stirfry with mixed herbs

all vegetables of the guard family have a high water content and good for people who count their calories........many people are averse to the taste of these veggies it tinda, lauki, karela, tori,zucchini, parval or squashes n pumpkins..........all these veggies have a subtle but flavorful taste and with the use of right herbs and a right cooking technique,can be transformed into exotic food.

tinda is the north indian vegetable which is also called round guard, apple guard or miniature pumpkins.......traditional recipes are stuffed tinda or curried tinda as much as i know but it can be cooked with lentils and as a stirfry with a chinese or italian twist..........for a stirfry or otherwise the tinda needs to be a bit undercooked or cooked till it has some bite............overcooked tinda looses taste n texture both n may become take care while cooking.

this recipe is quick n simple , needs very minimal preparation time as tinda is not on...

you need just about 8-10 tindas quartered,1 big tomato chopped, and a big onion chopped........salt n pepper, red chilly flakes and some mixed herbs.......

in a teaspoon of oil , trow in some cumin seeds.........let splutter n then goes the tinda........stirfry for 3-4 minutes n put in the salt n pepper , red chilly flakes n chopped onions n cook stirring for 3-4 minutes............tomatoes n cook till they become mushy.......sprinkle mixed herbs n mix well n take off from flame after a minute...........
alternatively, all ingredients can be mixed together n baked for 8-10 minutes.......turning once in between.........

this is an aromatic recipe which is good for a light lunch as it is or with a generous spoonful of brown rice......tastes best when hot.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

butter chicken........low fat....oh yes.... quite possible

when we consciously follow a healthy food regime , we become so paranoid about the calories and the type of food we choose........healthy food is always considered boring n dull..........and moreover , certain ingredients n food items are completely labeled as heavy or high calorie n so on............but the truth is if we act cleverly, we can easily accommodate those taboo foods in our diet........just make some changes in the recipe, keep the spices high and the accompaniment simple...........for instance a heavier dish can be served with a smaller portion of brown rice or multigrain chapati........or a paratha which is cooked in minimal ghee can be served with a raita or a chutny like that of tomatoes or amla .........and so on..

there are certainly many ways to reduce calories from food and at the same time making it nutrient rich............and most of all , satisfying your hunger n palate are some suggestions which i practice , i owe all those tricks to this blog of mine.....

1. first of all if you are following a low cal diet, stick to the cuisine you are grown up satisfies your palate like none other cuisine........occasional changes are fine.

2. try to make the most favorite recipes in a lighter version and keep the portion size small the same time make those fav recipes frequently so that you don't feel like deprived, but when you eat these slightly heavier recipes, keep the other meals of the day lighter......

3. whenever eating something fried, take a lot of raw salad in the same prevents absorbtion of the fats in your least some amount.

4. everybody knows that grilling is better than frying and there are many steamed food which we keep ignoring..........find new ways to steam n keep it for me.

5. while making fritters or pakodas first try to steam or microwave them .............shape the fritters n microwave till firm n put immediately in hot browns within a minute absorbing less oil..........drain on kitchen paper.

6.while making cakes, replace some fat with a fruit puree and some sugar with some would love it...........keep the portion size small baby.

7.low fat recipes may not look fabulous with all the glaze n the shining , may not look creamy ...........but it can be very flavorful if you cook these with carefully processed spices and herbs.

8.while making parathas, knead the flour with pureed spinach or other leafy greens, keep the puree content higher than the fluor , roast it in minimal oil or ghee n serve with tomato chutney  low fat curds or with coleslaw like salads.....

9.while making gravies , use pressure cooker to fry the masala......fry in minimal oil keeping the flame low and cook the masala gravy for a whistle in the last........ this way all the oil used comes on top n the gravy looks nice..........moreover pressure cooking insures the flavors of the masalas to be released completely into the gravy.

10. opt for one dish meals mostly as the accompaniments may add additional calories or at least salt , which accounts for water retention........salads without seasoning are best accompaniments.

i will keep posting more suggestions as n when it comes to my mind........i have been practicing all this for a long time ( i put on some weight because of overenthusiastic cooking n baking in the past and after that a severe bout of depression due to some prevailing circumstances).....try to keep away from all this.........

now coming to the recipe of today which is a perennial favorite.........the authentic recipe is something which smells of cream and butter n is sure to send you for a cardiologist.........if you are not too obsessed with the sight n taste of butter and enjoy the subtle flavor of chicken in a sweet sour gravy, this is the one recipe you can go for.............i am sure you will repeat it many times in the future............. the pics are not doing any justice as i cooked it for dinner n clicked in poor usual but as they say is that the proof of the pudding is in the .....taste dear....

i dunno why the same dish has resulted in different colors in different shots........excuse me for awful photography.....

the recipe is simple n needs just a few ingredients.........

chicken 4 pieces
onions chopped 1/2 cup
tomato ketchup 1/2 cup
red chilly powder 2 tbsp
salt to taste
low fat cream 2 tbsp

.......trim fat from the chicken pieces and throw it in the heavy bottomed pan with the onions ....keep roasting it on low flame till lightly the meanwhile boil the chicken with a cup of water and salt ....i did it in microwave.........

now when the onions are browned add the boiled chicken and the other ingredients except cream and cook covered for 10 minutes on very low flame........turning twice in between..........remove from heat and mix the cream well and serve hot with chapatis.........i had it with mutigrain chapatis.....

other people in the family who are butter lovers may be served the same preparation with some change........just add lots of butter n microwave for 1-2 minutes.......garnish with more cream n make everybody happy....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

a warm oriental salad | lotus stem stir fry with spring onions

Lotus stem is a calorie dense vegetable as it is the storage organ of the lotus plant, but it is very high in iron and should be consumed regularly. In fact the lotus stem being calorie dense is not a problem at all as it is so full of fiber that it becomes a low GI food. Also, if we consume calorie dense veggies smartly, with more high fiber and low calorie accompaniments it becomes an enjoyable meal packed with all the goodness any nourishing food can have.

Lotus stems are good for you, rich in Vit C, minerals and Vit B6 too. A good antioxidant booster and fit for detox diets to.

Good enough reason to eat this ugly looking vegetable which transforms to a beauty when chopped n cooked. I cook lotus stem in many ways I love it so much, all healthy recipes for sure. I like the taste and the texture it provides to curries and salads. I am yet to try a raw lotus ste alad but soon I am planning to get some really fresh lotus stem and do a raw salad with it.

The mature lotus stems have very high fiber content, so when buying take care that thicker and longer sticks are the best for you if you want it healthier for weight loss.

This stir fry recipe is a quick one which I follow for many vegetables with decent results. 


sliced lotus stems 2 cups
chopped spring onion greens 3/4 cup
peanut or sesame oil 1 tsp
soy sauce 1 tsp
hot chilly sauce 1 tsp
mirin 1 tsp (optional)
salt and pepper to taste


Just chop the lotus stems in roundels and stir fry in 1 tsp of oil. Throw in some chopped spring onions, salt n pepper and stir fry till it appears half cooked and glazed. Add in a dash of soy sauce followed by green chilly sauce. May be a dash of mirin, stir well and it is ready.

Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over it if you wish.

Enjoy this stir fry as a salad or with a rice and chicken kind of meal of just wrapped in chapatis. I love it with my multigrain rotis too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

staying fit...eating well...

i am back to this blog after a short break...........have been cooking all this while, but somehow dint find time to post.......though i prepared very few healthy recipes and lots of traditional n heavier food.........have been eating those high calorie food too , but one thing i want to share here is that my weight didn't go up even if i feasted on holi preparations ( all the holi recipes can be seen on banaras ka khana in the coming days)...........i had my fair share of guzias , matthis and dry samosas but i did not stop having my bowlful of veggies everyday.......well, almost everyday........also i feel that, as i enjoy eating my veggies ( lots of fibre to fill me up)....i have little space left for these festive it is easier to control the portions or servings for that matter.

also , i had guests in the last week n i have been cooking heavier curries with puris and all ..........i myself was having these food too , but still my weight dint go up........i see this as a good sign, cuz i have seen people loosing a lot of weight n again putting it back in no has happened to me in the past when i take the liberty to eat the usual stuff , now i'll not be worried about the outcome...........

i think this is partly because i have not been depriving myself from parathas ans chillas , which are my favourite staples , so it is not like going from one extreme to the other when not following the healthy diet is never on the extreme side , it includes a few fritters, parathas,spicy chutnys, rice preparations and all the food which i have grown up eating.......this part i believe , helps in sticking to the diet pattern, as well as not causing any cravings...........and also large servings of veggies , which i eat with meals or the salads between the meals should be continued even when eating out of the 'pattern' ........all of this is working for me and a few of my friends are taking my advice to follow this........

last week i read a beautiful interview of Bharat Thakur, the yoga guru, about fitness regime,diet secrets and weight loss was published in the sunday supplement ( named Brunch) of Hindustan Times.......i thought of sharing it here so that all my friends can see this and also, i can see it whenever i get distracted.....:D:D....

here are a few suggestions by yoga guru Bharat Thakur for people keen to loose weight...

1. Don't starve yourself as your metabolism falls.

2. Fight the fat, not your weight. when you exercise, your lean body mass increases and so muscle weight increases. don't look at the weighing scale everyday, you'll get demotivated.

3. Eat every two hours. if you don't eat anything, eat two digestive or marie biscuits. the moment you are hungry and delay your intake of food, the acid levels in the stomach increase, and when you eat later you will end up adding weight.

4. Avoid alcohol if you can, especially whisky, and shift to wine or vodka if you have to drink. drink water instead of soft drinks.

5. Avoid fried snacks or chips and eat roasted snacks.

6. Eat lots of fibrous food,like white oats, salad and green vegetables.

7. Avoid rice and sugar completely if you are a heavy rice eater.

8. Shift to green tea.

9. Never panic about your weight.

10. Avoid friends who have a bad lifestyle.

11. Accept that you are diseased and to cure the disease, you have to change your lifestyle because there is no medicine which can help you loose weight.

12. There is no alternative to exercise because you will look healthy only when your muscles are in shape.

13. Avoid overexercising, which tends to burn you out and decreases self confidence.

14. Exercise correctly with a good trainer. understand that your lower body is important because two major joints can leave you bedridden- your knees and your lower back.

15. Strenthen your quadriceps and your hamstrings. these huge muscles will eat up calories and make you slim.

16. A small injury can spoil your workout for weeks, so warm up adequately before doing cardio, stretching or weights.

i find these guidelines very helpful, though i do not exercise under a trainer .....i can't.........but the lifestyle changing suggestion is suitable for me........for exercising i feel the walking and small 5 minute jigs during the day are very helpful...........5 minute jigs , 3-4 times a day are enought o keep the metabolism steady and is lot of fun too.........

we actually have to find out what works best for us.

Monday, March 9, 2009

my first awards

how dumb i have been that when these two wonderful blogger friends of mine , bestowed me with awards , i didn't even know how to display them on my excuses ...........just that i am a new blogger n so desperate to post the recipes only that i never even tried customizing the page........................whatever time i get, that is spent on uploading the pics n writing the text..........n having a look at the new posts of the blogs i am following...........

i would like to thank varsha, who told me how to paste these awards on my page , she is a sweetheart, though i want to thank her for many more things..........but falling short of words.

yasmeen's award is designed by artist that she's always a pleasure trip, whenever visiting her blog........thanks dear.

also this award by varsha, has to be delivered to eight more blogger is not at all difficult for me as i am following just a few blogs n it is going to them only.........but i will take my own time...:D:D

Friday, March 6, 2009

low fat chilly chicken Indo chinese style

i can see a very significant pattern in my weight loss journey , i loose 3-4 kgs within a month and then for about 15 days there is no more weight loss , then again i start with it , loosing 3-4 kgs and again the same i have understood what is behind it..........when i loose, it is because i follow this low cal.... high fiber-rich in complex carbs diet , doing moderate exercises in the form of walking or a little bit of dancing or cycling( about 30 minutes of daily aerobic activity)........after a 3-4 kg loss i become a bit relaxed and go easy with the exercise routine and sometimes indulge myself in cakes and tikkis etc.........but thankfully i have not once gained back the lost weight ..........earlier when i used to reduce by controlling myself from eating fried food etc, i used to gain back the lost weight almost within a month or two........yes, i could understand my tendency and did not deprive myself from my comfort food this time and there are no cravings as i am eating all my favorite foods cooked in a modified manner..............i think i have recognized my problem area n i have to stick to this program..........

worth mentioning that i feel a lot more active now and the lethargy i used to feel because of my weight is no more in the more aches and pains..........though the chronic things are yet to go.............moreover my waistline, which had become extinct and a cylinder was the outline of my torso, is now coming to shape........and i am more than happy with this..........the kurtas and tops are more shapely now and my jeans is slipping..........i havn't got a new pair still cuz i am hopeful that i'll be able to come two sizes down..........i am keeping my fingers crossed.

now i don't shy away with my favorite food ...........rahter i try n make it in a healthier manner.......i havn't been eating out earlier too , so it is easier for me to keep a tab on my daily intake.

so i wanted to make the chilly chicken low fat n i was quite successful, my husband also liked this low fat non fried version and suggested to make it always like this.........this is good indication.....:D:D.

poor picture quality is regretted cuz it was made for dinner n poor light paired with a humble cell phone camera can give give you just a peek into what it was like.........:D:D


chicken about 350 gm ( it was enough for both of us)
ginger finely chopped 1 tsp
garlic finely chopped 1 tsp
green chillies finely chopped 1-2 tsp
ginger garlic n green chilly paste 2 tsp
spring onion 2 bulbs plus leaves chopped separately
dark soya sauce 2 tsp
tomato ketchup 2 tbsp
black pepper powder 1 tsp
oil 1 tbsp ( i used sunflower oil)


i did not use any corn flour and the chicken pieces were not fried as in the normal recipe...........also i did not use any green bell pepper which is my favourite but my husband is allergic to can be added along with the spring onion greens.

firstly marinate the chicken pieces with the ginger garlic green chilly paste and a tsp of soya sauce for an hour.

heat a wide pan with 1 tbsp of oil and throw in the chopped ginger garlic n green chillies......wait for a minute add in the chopped spring onion bulbs and slip in the marinated chicken and cook on medium heat, turning now n my chicken peices were big so i covered and cooked for about 15 minutes.........after this add the remaining 1 tsp soya sauce , the tomato ketchup and the spring onion leaves ( if using bell peppers , about 1/4 th of a chopped bell pepper goes in) and give it a good stir.........lo... it is ready.......we had it with mixed cerial chapati......

the thin springs of onions used for garnish are from my garden.............looking cute to me.........i did this to make it more photogenic as dark soya sauce had made the dish monochromatic and there was no glaze because of non frying ..............but it made lttle difference..........the chicken was yum n we decided we will make it more often....

Monday, March 2, 2009

matar ki daal | green peas soup

green peas are tasty n nutritious and most of all easy n versatile to am i going to cook all the quick n shortcut recipes now a days.......have been a very good cook and i enjoyed my time in the kitchen.....but now the shortage of time , getting tired by all the work n the worst mind cluttered with so many diverse things at the same time.........all these are taking a toll on me...........n can anybody believe i do not want to cook anything...........but the thing is , i cannot eat just anything........the food has to be i have devised so many ways to make tasty food without much my food may look simple , but it is really tasty..........the aroma n the texture of the food is where i don't compromise..........the procedures are getting shorter n shorter...........this is a phase of my life n i am sharing it with so many gives me a strange sense of excitement, that is why i keep clicking the pictures whenever we are on the table to eat.........and keep posting posting whenever i get to come on this chair of mine........i am not complaining..........

so this recipe is simple , nutritious n tasty.... and fat free is my cooking mantra these days......
in retreating winters , when the peas are not soft n sweet and become a little mature, this recipe is the best thing to make...........frozen peas give the same result....


green peas fresh or frozen 1 cup
ginger garlic n green chilly paste ( coarse) 3 tbsp
coriander powder 2 tsp
cumin powder 1 tsp
black pepper powder 1 tsp
red chilly powder 1 tsp (optional)
garam masala powder 1 tsp
tomato 1 no
coriander leaves chopped 1/2 cup
salt to taste


make a coarse paste of peas in your blender........a few of the peas can be left whole..........add salt to it and pour this paste into a pan and start cooking on medium flame...stirring in between....continue for 5-6 minutes....

meanwhile make a paste of tomato in the same blender and put it in the boiling mixture along with the ginger garlic n green chilly pastes........keep cooking n stirring..........for another 5 minutes.....

meanwhile , dry roast the coriander n cumin powders in a pan n throw it into the dal n the black pepper , garam masala n chilly powder too ......cook for a 1 minute n put in the finely chopped coriander leaves , these can be made into a coarse paste too..... it adds more color to the recipe... as i did........cover after adding the coriander paste n take the pan off the flame within a minute preserve the aroma of coriander the pan just at time of 'll love this oil free daal which is awesome with brown or white rice......... for me it's good with chapatis as well.........